Crystallization Reactors

Standard Crystallization Reactor Tanks:
Crystallization Tanks (Reactors) are designed, manufactured, and inspected in accordance with the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC).

The crystallizing tank is a crystallizing device of which the chilled water quickly cools within the jacket. The key is the size of the jacket, the structure of the agitator, and the form of the outlet. High precision polishing and no dead corners meets all technical requirements.

Cedarstone reactors use vertical circular tanks with jackets that can be made into a dimple jacket, a coil jacket or a whole jacket. They can maintain heating or cooling and are made of 304 or 316L stainless steel depending upon customer needs and request. The inside surface can be electrolytic mirror polished or handled by mechanical polishing. All welded surfaces can be mirror or a lesser, smooth processing. Tank welds adopt flange process arc transitions, smooth and easy to clean with no dead corners. A stunningly beautiful appearance!

• Tank Volume: 600L ~ 20,000L; based upon customer requirements.
• Jacket Volume: About 200L or ~50 Gallon.
• Customers can choose curved blade paddle, can increase the heat exchange area, increase the thermal efficiency, and increase the crystallization capacity.
• Crystallization tank jacket can be bubbled into steam or cold media to process your materials under the optimum temperature with high capacity and convenient operation.
• The sealing of the agitating shaft adopts a sanitary mechanical seal. The mixing motor can use a cycloidal reducer or a gearmotor reducer. These items can be determined and selected upon customer request and requirement. (Frequency controls are widely used.)

Tank Optional Configuration:
Crystallization Tanks can be configured with a 0.2µm hydrophobic sterile air filter, thermometer (Digital Display or Dial type), 2 sight glasses, steam sterilization hole, sanitary manhole, liquid in-outlet, CIP rotating cleaning ball, liquidometer and liquid level control system (bearing module, non-contact ultrasonic, static pressure transmitting device) and so on. More options and features available and possible upon customer request and requirement.

Applied for industries such as pharmaceutical, dairy products, food, chemical, beverage and other industrial materials, mixing temperature and freezing, product crystallization, and so on.

Design Parameter:
• Design Pressure: ~0.1MPa ~ 0.6MPa, ATM ~0.5MPa
• Design Temperature: 32ºF ~ 320ºF

• Liner: 304SS or 316LSS
• Jacket: 304SS
• Insulation: PU or Rockwool
• Legs: 304SS

• In-Outlet: Flange, Tri-Clamp

Surface Finished:
• Finish Type: Mechanical / Electrolytic polishing, sandblasting, pickling.
• Polishing Precision: Inner Surface Ra <0.4µm, Outer Surface Ra 0.6µm

Above are standard builds. Mixing Tanks can be built custom to customer requirements.