Mixing Tanks

Standard Mixing Tanks:

Our mixing / blending tanks are a vertical, round design with a torispherical head and oval bottom. Our transition sections use circular arc transition, no dead corners, for easier cleaning. We offer both Single Wall or Jacketed. Agitation specifications are based upon customer request. Our mixing tanks are designed, manufactured, and inspected in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

• Volume: 26 gallons ~ 2640 gallons based upon customer requirements.
• Available in either sanitary 304 of 316L with Tri-Clamp connections.
• Mirror finish inner surface Ra<0.28µm ~ 0.6µm.
• Outer surface can be polished, wire-drawn, and sandblasted according to customer requirements.
• Can be designed with low heating, cooling, a high-speed mixing system, a sealing pressure system, a vacuum system, measuring system, and more.
• Based on mixing materials and requirements of the mixing effect, the structure of the impellers can be either turbine type, paddle, anchor type, frame type, screw conveyor or other.

Optional Configuration:
Aseptic air filter, thermometer (digital display or dial-type), PH meter, pressure gauge, steam sterilization hole, sigh glass(es), sanitary manhole, liquid in-outlet, CIP spray ball, liquidometer and liquid level control system (bearing module, non-contact ultrasonic, static pressure transmitting device) and more based upon customer requirements.

Application:Vessel can be used as a storage tank additionally. Liquid material mixing or the storage of such things as medicine, food, fruit juice, dairy products, seasonings, brewing, pharmaceutical fluids, chemicals andother biological engineering.

Design Parameter:
• Design Pressure: ~0.1MPa ~ 1.0MPa, ATM ~0.5MPa
• Design Temperature: 32ºF ~ 320ºF

• Interior: 304SS or 316LSS
• Jacket: 304SS
• Insulation: PU or Rockwool
• Legs: 304SS

• In-Outlet: Flange, Tri-Clamp

Surface Finished:
• Finish Type: Mechanical / Electrolytic polishing, sandblasting, pickling and passivation.
• Polishing Precision: Inner Surface Ra <0.4µm, Outer Surface Ra 0.6µm

Above are standard builds. Mixing Tanks can be built custom to customer requirements.