CO2 Marijuana Extraction

Instead of looking for CO2 marijuana extraction options, make sure to give us a call as soon as possible. Cedarstone Industry is here to ensure that you always get the most optimal outcome from your ethanol extracting and processing machines. We provide everything from THC, CBD, and other essential oil extraction systems. Whether it’s butane hash oil or cannabis plant material, you can count on our equipment to do the job right.

The extraction can be for cannabis oil, cannabis concentrates, or medical marijuana. Regardless, we ensure that your plant matter does not go to waste. Instead of wasting your resources on carbon dioxide and supercritical CO2 extraction systems, make sure to try our high-pressure ethanol extraction machines. Our equipment is perfect for cannabinoids and terpenes extraction. Once you know that you’ll need cannabis extraction, make sure to give us a shout so that we can bring you the best tools. After that, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your extraction method.

Cedarstone Industry wants to be there for you and your business. Our machines extract cannabinoids better than any other in the market. All you have to do is get in touch with us so that we can get all of the relevant information we need. We offer office hours from Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. When you find the right time for you, we can provide ethanol equipment that’s better than any CO2 marijuana extraction in the world.

CO2 Oil Extractor

CO2 Marijuana Extraction

We Offer Something Better Than CO2 Marijuana Extraction

Cedarstone Industry is here to make sure that you always get the best results from our machines. We focus on maximizing your cannabis products and other final products and cutting down extraction time. Whether it’s supercritical fluid or plant matter, we bring you the solution to your problem. For over twenty years, we have brought companies across the globe high-quality processing equipment for all types of services. From storage to mixing, extraction, pasteurization, and more, our tools are incomparable.

As a stainless steel manufacturer, our goal is to ensure that every client we work with gets the results they need and then some. That means always providing durable and easy to operate tanks and containers. For extraction purposes, we put our efforts into making sure they provide the purest and most efficient products. Our clients also range from small businesses to large corporations across the world. We have provided assistance to companies like Coco-Cola, GE Pharmaceutic, Bluebell, Heineken, Tetra Pak, and many more.

A Little More About Us

Cedarstone Industry believes that every processing company needs the most effective and reliable equipment to be successful. As a result, our primary mission is to provide just that to all of our clients. All over the world, we have produced excellent results for companies and their processing endeavors. From food to alcohol, cannabis, and much more, we help with all of your raw cannabis processing needs. We are always here and ready to help you with all of your operations.

Our team of designers, builders, and engineers work tirelessly to provide everything you need for your business. We push the limits of your architectural, construction, and engineering needs to improve your results. All of our products are certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI), and 3A 63-03 Sanitary Standards. While our operations are based out of Houston, TX, we have the capacity to reach anywhere in the world with our services.


Molecular Distillation

Our Products

Cedarstone Industry wants you always to get the right extraction solvent for every occasion. As processing manufacturers, we understand the value of proper equipment and safe operating. That’s why we strive to bring you the most optimal tools for your business. This includes equipment such as distillation systems, crystallization reactors, hemp dryers, centrifuges, and more. Once you know what equipment your business needs, make sure to call us.

Molecular Distillation Systems

One of the most effective forms of processing cannabis is through our liquid-based separation. Our molecular distillation systems allow you to safely and efficiently separate the desired compound from the biomass being used. It also cuts down residence time in terms of the molecular evaporator exposed to heat and low operating temperature and pressure due to vacuum in the space of distillation.

Molecular distillation is a liquid-liquid separation that provides a purer alternative to processing. Normal distillation uses the boiling point separation principle to achieve division. On the other hand, molecular distillation separates the compounds from one another. This process is the safest and highly effective method for hash oil extraction.

This process separates cannabinoids from impurities to provide the purest results possible. Our distillation uses a Wiped Film Evaporator (WFE) System that makes it possible to purify your biomass reliably.

Centrifuge Extractors

For an alternative way to process and extract hash, we offer centrifuge extractors that are perfect for any plant matter. This process uses high-speed rotors to create large batches of products without losing any quality. These extractors are also engineered to operate with low-temperature ethanol and hemp processes. This means that you can enjoy fast and reliable results no matter what the plant matter is.

To properly use our centrifuge extractors, you must put the biomass into the rotor barrel. After that, place the chilled ethanol in and activate the machine. From here, it will rapidly spin at high-speed and separate the desired compounds from each other. These devices are easy to operate and maintain and can be made to match your required design.


Unfortunately, THC and CBD don’t exist within hemp and cannabis naturally. As a result, you’ll have to form this with our decarboxylation systems. Decarboxylation enriches the THC and CBD content and creates it from THCA and CBDA, which is found in cannabis and hash. With this process, you can safely process THC and CBD with other equipment.

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Cedarstone Industry is here to provide the most reliable and exceptional outcome from your hash extraction and processing. Once you know you’ll need it, make sure to contact us right away. Call (281) 397-3700 or find us online for more information. Learn more about our ethanol extraction systems and stop looking for CO2 marijuana extraction.

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    A real pleasure to do business with. You know when you find one of those preferred suppliers? The kind you goto first because it makes things well easy .. Cedarstone … read more Industry is one of those.. Crazy fast shipping , excellent communication , and quality products . I’ll be back .
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    I ordered some stainless steel fittings and they look great! I just wished I doing my whole order there cedarstone. Thanks for the fast shipping too!