Commercial Ethanol Extraction

Cedarstone Industry provides Commercial Ethanol Extraction equipment of the highest quality. Cannabis uses for medicinal purposes other than recreational drug use. A large part of modern culture, cannabis comes from plant matter, which is difficult to extract purely. Our high-performance extraction solutions allow the capability of pure extraction without wasting money or time.

The term “medical marijuana” refers to the medical uses of cannabis. The purposes range from a variety of illnesses. Just imagine hospitals, pharmacies, and other professions working without, it could be detrimental in a multitude of ways.

We understand the positive uses of marijuana and are leading the ways in equipment for commercial businesses. Consequently, we supply the equipment you need for high-quality extraction processes. Our ethanol extraction systems are cream of the crop in the cannabis industry.

Manufacturing is our main focus. With 20 years of excellent services on our record, we are confident in our equipment and the great results they will yield. Ethanol plays a major role in the extraction process and helps ensure the quality of the product.

Here at Cedarstone Industry, we focus on quality every time. Moreover, we never hesitate when it comes to doing what it takes to satisfy our customers. Are you looking for Commercial Ethanol Extraction equipment? If so, contact the experts at Cedarstone Industry.

Medical Uses of Cannabis

There are several medical uses for cannabis. Due to its benefits and other factors, more and more states are legalizing this particular plant. Medical uses for cannabis include:

  • Alzheimer’s disease – Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia. It decreases the functions of the brain that involve memory, communication, and thinking.
  • Cancer – This terrible condition causes abnormal growth of cells in the body. Cancer affects more and more people every single day
  • Chron’s disease – A chronic inflammatory disease, this condition involves the digestive tract. Symptoms include abdominal pain and diarrhea.
  • Anorexia – this serious condition exudes a person’s fears of gaining weight. Due to this fear, the person develops an eating disorder, causing the person to refuse food.
  • Epilepsy – This condition involves a group of related disorders, which tend to cause seizures
  • Glaucoma – Glaucoma damages the optic nerve over time. Additionally, it can cause a buildup of pressure behind the eye.
  • Mental health – Schizophrenia and other psychiatric condition can be treated with cannabis as well
  • Multiple sclerosis – Also known as MS, this is a long-lasting disease that affects the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves
  • Cachexia – Due to severe chronic illness, cachexia involves weakness and wasting away of the body

Though cannabis may not directly aid any of these conditions, it does have effects of lessening the strain caused. If you use marijuana for medicinal purposes, it could help you reduce anxiety, inflammation, and cancerous cells. In addition, it can help control nausea, relax tight muscles, and stimulate the appetite. You can also use cannabis oil for pain management.

Ethanol Extraction

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, the share of the market attributed to cannabis extracts has burgeoned even faster. Ethanol is an excellent solvent choice for producers manufacturing high-quality cannabis extracts.

Ethanol extraction is one way to extract CBD and THC from the cannabis plant. The other popular methods are carbon dioxide extraction and butane extracts. Each strategy has its own pros and cons. At Cedarstone, we believe in the ethanol process.

Ethanol extraction methods offer the best of both worlds. They provide great results for a very comprehensible price. During this extraction process, alcohol is used to soak up the desired product, for example, CBD. Then, the alcohol is separated from the substance through evaporation. What you’re left with is the cannabis oil.

There are some things to look out for when embarking on commercial ethanol extraction. The ethanol can sometimes extract the plant material as well. This means your product will have to go through post-processing in order to ensure its purity.

Centrifuge Ethanol Extraction

The highest quality in centrifuge extraction

Another thing to take into account is that ethanol is highly flammable. You should be careful when undergoing any type of extraction method. During ethanol extraction, the system should be fitted with components that will reduce the risk of fire. Even if you take the right precautionary steps, the risk of a fire is still present.


If you choose ethanol extraction as your weapon of choice, you’ll have to acquire the best equipment available. More importantly, you should base this decision on what will give your business the best value. With that being said, there are many factors that go into choosing the best type of equipment for you.

Here at Cedarstone Industry, we actually manufacture various types of commercial ethanol equipment. Check out our website to browse through our product line and contact us if you’re not sure which system is best for your circumstances.

Turnkey Extraction System

As a manufacturer of vessels and hardware, Cedarstone Industry can provide every piece you need for the extraction system. Our complete, ready-to-use systems consist of ethanol tanks that you need, as well as filter, distillation towers, pumps, and an ethanol recovery concentrator.

Our extraction tank sizes start at 100L large and are designed for large-scale commercial use. Additionally, this extraction equipment is used for the extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes, leaving you with the precise final product that you desire.

Centrifuge Extractor

Designed for low-temperature extraction processes, our 316L centrifuge extractors meet all the necessary standards to run a legitimate cannabis business. The extractor comes with a touchscreen display, automatic valves, and fully adjustable agitation settings. The machine has no dead corners and comes with secure sealing. The machine provides fast operation and fast cleaning.

Molecular Distillation System

Molecular distillation systems are some of the safest methods of extraction. This versatile equipment distills botanicals, essential oils, and cannabis with ease. It also purifies the substance after the extraction process. Overall, we fit our molecular distillation systems with high-performance settings and controls, on top of easy cleaning and reassembly.

Crystallization Reactors

Centrifuge Ethanol Extraction

Centrifuge Extractor

Our crystallization reactors meet the applicable ASME codes. This machine can purify CBD as well as crystallize the substance through a slow-cooling process. Ranging from 60 to 5,000 gallons, we have the ability to build reactors that fit all volume requirements. Constructed only with sanitary fittings and seals, our high-pressure vessels can be used to produce consumable and ingestible products.

Commercial Ethanol Extraction

When you select Cedarstone Industry as your provider for commercial extraction equipment, you’re getting top-quality equipment for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, we focus on manufacturing the precise equipment you need. All we need to know is your unique space or storage requirements.

All in all, we’ll create a turnkey system that fits your space specifications business needs. Visit our cannabis extraction or contact us webpages to learn more about how we can help you. Additionally, you reach us by calling (281) 397-3700. For quality Commercial Ethanol Extraction equipment, you can count on Cedarstone Industry.

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