Fermentation Tanks

Fermenter Tank

Fermenter Main Features:
    304SS with Dual or Multi Zoned Glycol Jacket and insulated with 100mm Chloride free PU insulation. Top manways offer superior sanitation and ease to add fining and hops to the vessel.

    Pillow Plate Glycol Jackets offer optimal heat transfer capability and are insulated with 100mm Chloride free PU insulation. The interior of the shell is coated with a Chloride resistant coating to resist corrosion from the interior.

    Pressure tested to 30psi/24 hrs., 90psi/24hrs on the internal shell and cooling jacket respectively. Internal Pressure rating (ASME certified model) allows for Natural Carbonation and Spunding of beer utilizing CO2 created by the fermentation.

    “One Touch” Racking Arm allows for easy racking arm rotation, without the need to loosen any clamps. Simply turn the handle and the racking arm rotates.

    Adjustable Levelers to provide a level tank regardless of floor slope.

    Entirely 304ss Butterfly Valves, 1.5” Bottom port to facilitate yeast removal.

    Entire body a sanitary 2B finish. (Optional #4 brushed steel finish upon customer request at additional cost.)

    Respective PSI Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve, 2" Tri-Clamp Connection
CIP Tank Spray Ball has spinner spray head assembly and exterior CIP arm.

Dedicated 1.5” Blow Off Arm helps keeps CIP and PAM assembly clear of primary fermentation blow off exhaust and residue.

Execute the Brewing Process with Confidence for Years using Cedarstone Fermentation TanksMade from 304 or 316L stainless steel coming in dual or multi zoned glycol jackets, our fermentation tanks are the ultimate choice in fermenting wort into beer.

Quality brewing is all about razor-sharp control of ratios. Our fermenters not only protect your beer from external influences, but they also allow you to have unprecedented control over the pressure occurred during fermentation process. Our ASME certified Fermentation tank allow you to comfortably hold the pressure over 15psi.

Cedarstone fermenters also come with a whole host of customizable options; get a Kieselmaan Spunding Valve for pressure monitoring, a thermowell for precise temperature measurements, 2nd Generation Perlick Stainless Sample Valve installed at reasonable rates.

Optional Features:
    Kieselmann Spunding Valve and Pressure Arm Manifold allowing for accurate pressure monitoring and precision tank venting. — $600.00 ea.

    Temperature Thermowell with included RTD Sensor (Reotemp or equivalent) installed. — $80.00 ea.

    2nd Generation Perlick Sample Valve with 1.5" Tri-Clamp, all stainless steel. — $200.00 ea.

    Sanitary Pressure Gauge (Reotemp or equivalent), 3A Certified True Sanitary design. — $200.00 ea

Material Thickness:
    • Internal Shell: 4mm

    • Exterior Cladding: 2mm

    • Dome: 5mm

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Fermenting Tank Models:
Please contact us for price for ASME certified (30psi and above) models.

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