Brewery Consulting

Selecting quality, American made equipment from Cedarstone is the start, but what comes next?

For all of your brewery needs, Cedarstone can tailor a program that meets the requirements of your project, no matter what the size. Whether Brewery in Planning, Start-Up, or an Established Brewery, we structure a program to meet your needs and budget. It takes incredible attention to detail, precise planning, and flawless execution. That’s where Cedarstone steps in.

Cedarstone Industry

Business Plan Development

We provide client-specific consultation in developing a complete business plan. Each business plan is detailed to your needs and vision with the goal of providing you a roadmap to success and a document to help you attract and secure investors.

Brewery Design and Layout

We help you analyze your selected site and advise on the proper layout of brewhouse and tanks, as well as packaging and support equipment. We help you maximize the space and create a natural product flow from grain to glass.

Equipment Installation and Commissioning

We work with General Contractors and manufacturers to ensure your equipment is installed in a timely manner and performs to the specifications.

Recipe Formulation

With expertise in all beer styles, including award-winning beers, we assist in the development of custom recipes to match and support the strategic plan for your brewery. Using the principles of applied brewing science and yeast fermentation practices, we can help design and brew beers of the highest quality and consistency. Additionally, we can test brew any recipe on our Pilot System and provide samples for your review and approval.

Brewer Screening/Selection and Training

With the growth of the craft brewing market, attracting properly trained brewers is becoming more and more competitive. We assist with your search for brewers at any level and pre-screen those candidates, so you are presented with the best options for selection. We also assist in training as needed.


We can help you optimize your brewhouse and operations to maximize output and production. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), Brewery forms and safety Protocol. With experience in both Brewpub and production brewery environments, we can focus services to your exact needs. Brewhouse operations, cellaring and clarification, and packaging in kegs, cans, and bottles. We also specialize in Inventory Management and Control.

Opening the Brewery and Brewing the Initial Batches

The “hard” work is done. Now it’s time to really get to work! Let’s kick the tires and light the fires and make sure that the first liquid is everything you ever expected it to be.

Sales and Marketing

The best products in the world won’t move without a great look, a great team to sell them and a social media presence set to dominate. Our team gets you from grain to pocket with innovative approaches and training that’ll keep you growing year over year.

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