Brite Tanks

Beer Brite Tank & Beer Secondary Tank

Main Features:

  • 304SS with Dual or Multi Zoned Glycol Jacket and insulated with 100mm Chloride free PU insulation. Top manways offer superior sanitation and ease to add fining and hops to the vessel.
  • 304SS Brite Beer Tanks have a dished bottom and top dome and have Dual or Multi Glycol Zones located on the cone and on the cylinder. 25% head space, front manways.
  • Pillow plate Glycol Jackets offer optimal heat transfer capability and are insulated with 100mm Chloride free PU insulation. The interior of the shell is professionally passivated and coated with a chloride resistant coating to resist corrosion from the interior.
  • Calibrated Sight Glass with level indicator allows tank beer level to be assessed.
  • 8″ Carbonation Stone Assembly has a threadless design allowing for precise carbonating of beer and CIP of the carbonation stone.
  • CIP Tank Sprayball has spinner spray head assembly and exterior CIP arm.
  • Adjustable Levelers to provide a level tank regardless of floor slope.
  • 304ss Butterfly Valves, 1.5” Bottom port with extension to front of tank.
  • Sample Valve, standard model.

Beer Bright Tank & Beer Serving Tanks

Optional Features:

  • 6” or 10” Carbonation Stone Assembly. 1/4″ NPT Connection Thread, 2-micron porosity with 316L sanitary stainless-steel body. — $79.00 and $129.00 ea. respectively.
  • Temperature Thermowell with included RTD Sensor (Reotemp or equivalent) installed. — $120.00 ea.
  • Upgraded Sanitary Pressure Gauge (Reotemp or equivalent), 3A Certified True Sanitary design. — $220.00 ea
  • Upgraded 2nd Gen Perlick Sample Valve, Tri-Clamp, entirely stainless. — $220.00 ea

Carbonate and Serve Your Beer With Beer Brite Tanks and Secondary Tanks

Beer brite tanks serve a myriad of purposes; they can reduce carbonation times by a pretty large factor, allow for more efficient yeast transfers, and can even be used as a serving tank. Our beer Brite tanks have 4” chloride-free insulation, come with a carbonation stone assembly, as well as a thermowell to accurately control the brewing temperature. Get a Brite tank (atmosphere pressure, or above 15psi ASME certified models), monitor both lager and serve temperature and measure volumes easier than ever before!

Material Thickness:

  • Internal Shell; 4mm
  • Exterior Cladding; 2mm
  • Dome; 5mm

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