Centrifuge Extractor

Cedarstone Industry is pleased to offer batch production centrifuge extractor machines and equipment.

These centrifuge extractor machines are designed and developed based on low-temperature ethanol and hemp extraction processes. Our series of centrifuges are easy to operate, easy to maintain, and can be configured to your specific requirements.

Cedarstone Industry centrifuge extractor machines are scientifically designed and manufactured for safe, high-speed operation.


Features include:

  • UL listed Class 1 Division 2 Explosive Proof Control Panel
  • PSI ( Pressure Safety Inspectors) Peer Review pending
  • Compliance with the latest standards, directives, and GMP requirements.
  • Complete modular design delivery; no need for on-site installation
  • Motor and transmission parts are enclosed to ensure safe operation.
  • Advanced control system and HMI operation interface to achieve single operation
  • Explosive proof motor from Toshiba( or equivalent)
  • Siemens PLC and touch screen
  • Optimize design to allow temperature extraction at -60° C
  • Reasonable sealing structure design to achieve reliable sealing of bearing
  • 316L material, EPDM food-grade seal
  • Sanitary design, internal Ra ≤ 0.2um without any dead corner
  • Automatic valve can be configured to realize automatic control of feeding and discharging.
  • Outer stationary barrel has a cooling jacket
  • Fully adjustable agitation speed and time setting

Main parameters

Model Capacity 8hr/Day Average batch running time Biomass requirements Ethanol requirements Motor power Voltage and frequency Inlet/Outlet
SpinMatic150 Max 600 pounds 15-25 minutes Max 35 lbs Max 35 gal 5 HP 460V/60 Hz 1.5″ TC
SpinMatic250 Max 1000 pounds 20-30 minutes Max 70 lbs Max 70 gal 7.5 HP 460V/60 Hz 2″ TC

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