Explosive Proof Chromatography

Non-Explosive Proof Chromatography

Chromatography techniques such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), a high-resolution technique for separation of a range of small molecules, biomolecules, and peptides, are effective in isolating compounds by eluding cannabis oil through a resin-packed chromatography column, which makes it ideal for CBD isolate production.

This HPLC machine consists of infusion, injection, detection, collection, controlling and data processing modules. System design completely meets the requirements of GMP, cGMP, and FDA. This system aims to effectively improve production efficiency, automation, and purity. This liquid chromatography equipment can be applied to the separation needs for Pharmaceuticals, Chemical, Petrochemical, Food industry, etc.

Model DAC 200 DAC 300 DAC 400/450 DAC 500/600
ID 200 mm 300 mm 400/450 mm 500/600 mm
Inner Roughness <=0.2um  <=0.2um <=0.2um <=0.2um
Packing Length <=450mm <=450mm <=450mm <=450mm
Max Pressure <=10Mpa <=8Mpa <=8Mpa <=8Mpa
Dimension 650x650x2450mm  900x900x3000mm 1200x1200x3000mm




Control Interface

How to use Chromatography ?

  • First of all, define parameters, including stationary phase-type will be (alumina, sand, silica gel, Magnesium Silicate, etc.).
  • Once the standard or reverse-phase to pull the solvent through the column using gravity (standard Liquid Chromatography), choose how to push the solvent through with pressure from above (Flash Chromatography), or pull by vacuum from below (Vacuum Chromatography). Your column choice dictates this.
  • Finally, choose whether to run the same solvent mix during the entire run or to vary the mix ratio of any solvents used during the run.

CBD Capture And THC Removal

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