Extraction System

Ethanol vs CO2 vs Hydrocarbons

When making distillate, Ethanol has the lowest capital and operating expense. It utilizes the simplest hardware to scale. Ethanol extraction is simple practice. When compared to CO2 or hydrocarbon, ethanol is superior in scale-ability, safety and functionality. It is a substance commonly used in many other industries.

If you are looking for commercial ethanol extraction systems and equipment, Cedarstone Industry is a U.S. manufacturer of extraction equipment providing the cannabis hemp oil market with closed loop low pressure ethanol extraction systems.

Our Ethanol extraction systems are intended for the commercial producer and is a much more efficient and cost effective extraction method than CO2 supercritical extraction. Our line of extraction systems includes a series of extraction, distillation, and crystallization equipment. It is also an extremely safe method of cannabis hemp oil extraction technology, both for the operator and end consumer and will provide years of service to grow your business.

Ethanol extraction systems are believed to be the best way to extract CBD for commercial purpose. Ethanol extracts both water and oil-soluble compounds. When used at freezing temperatures, ethanol can selectively extract specific terpenes and cannabinoids from cannabis, while leaving other undesirable molecules like waxes and lipids behind.

Cedarstone Industry offer complete turnkey extraction system, from 100L (the size of Extraction Tank) and up. The turnkey system includes the following main items.

  • Primary & Secondary Cooling Ethanol Tank
  • Extraction Tank
  • Single Filter
  • Storage Tank for Extracted Liquid
  • Ethanol Recovery Concentrator
  • Storage Tank for Concentrated Liquid
  • Recycling Ethanol Storage Tank
  • Ethanol Distillation Tower
  • Concentrated Ethanol Tank
  • Ethanol pumps
  • Concentrate Pump
  • Extract Pump
ExMatic100 ExMatic200 ExMatic500 ExMatic1000 ExMatic1500 ExMatic3000
Biomass Batch Size 25 lb 50 lb 125 lb 300 lb 450 lb 900 lb

( at 10% potency)

2.5 lb 5 lb 12.5 lb 30 lb 45 lb 90 lb
Ethanol Usage 5 times the batch size
Run Time 30 mins  –  60 mins
Extraction Efficiency 90%-99%
Evaporator Feed Rate 100 lb/hr 200 lb/hr 500 lb/hr 1600 lb/hr 2000 lb/hr 4000 lb/hr
Ethanol Recovery 85%


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