Food Grade Steam Hoses

TEX-STEAM™ FDA is a specially-compounded steam hose. It is suitable for the delivery of potable hot water mixed with steam and detergents. The main use is for washdown and sterilization in the food industry and manufacturing plants. TEX-STEAM™ FDA has a white, smooth, food quality EPDM rubber tube and a blue, smooth, cloth-impression EPDM rubber cover for abrasion-, ozone-, and weather-resistance. Meets FDA title 21, part.177.2600 for aqueous foods. For more information on rubber articles intended for food grade use click here.

Technical Data

White, EPDM
Blue, EPDM
High strength synthetic plies.
Safety Factor
-40ºF to +338ºF
Safety Note
Drain the hose after each use for maximum hose life. Do not alternate use between steam and water. Consult the coupling manufacturer for the proper fitting recommendation and coupling procedure. It is recommended that all food grade hose be thoroughly flushed prior to initial use.
FDA and USDA compliant.

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