PVC Food Grade Suction Hoses

Heavy-duty, food grade suction hose with embedded copper grounding wire for dry wet material applications. Hose complies with applicable FDA and 3A requirements as well as USDA for use in meat and poultry plants. Clear PVC and clear helix construction allows for visual confirmation of material flow. Smooth bore eliminates material build up. Heavy corrugation provides high flexibility. Embedded wire prevents static electricity build up. For more information on rubber articles intended for food grade use click here.

Corrugated, clear, flexible PVC with smooth bore and a rigid, clear PVC right-handed helix with embedded copper wire for static dissipation.
Safety Factor
Compared to
WT/200 SFG
-4ºF to +150ºF
Safety Note
Service temperature depends on actual application. It is recommended that all food grade hoses be thoroughly flushed prior to initial use.
FDA, USDA and 3A compliant.

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