Winery Hoses

Cedarstone Industry is a proud supplier of Texcel Balthazar series winery hoses. These smooth covered hoses are formulated for suction and delivery of wine, fruit juice, and soft drinks. Hoses have a white, smooth EPDM tube to ensure food quality. The hoses are odorless and do not alter the flavor of your product. With a high working temperature, these hoses are easily sterilized with steam at 230ºF for 30 minutes. They meet FDA title 21 part.177.2600(e) for liquid foods, BfR, ADI free, EC 1935 / 2004. For more information on rubber articles intended for food grade use click here.

White, EPDM
Gray, EPDM
High strength synthetic plies with steel wire spirals.
Safety Factor
-40ºF to +248ºF
Safety Note
It is recommended that all food grade hoses be thoroughly flushed prior to initial use.
FDA, USDA compliant.

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