12″ Cellulose Lenticular 16 Cell Depth Filter (3-7 micron)


Depth-Stack Filter Cartridge use depth filter sheets. It is designed using a double separator concept. The Separator design increases the total stability of the filter cartridges as the separators fully support the sheet material.  This design also prevents filter sheet deformities after heat treatments and adverse effects of contact with hot sanitation. It is manufactured with rigid external clips to prevent damaging filter sheets during module loading and unloading while allowing for easy and reliable handling.


– Purified and bleached cellulose fiber

– Polypropylene(PP) core/separator

– EPDM flat gasket


Before filtration the filter package or module should be rinsed with 50 L/m² of clean water. Depending on the porosity and the application, the filter sheets get exhausted with increased differential pressure. The maximal differential pressure depends on the used filter sheet. For sterile filter sheets, the maximal differential pressure is lower than for coarse filter sheets. A maximal differential pressure of 2.5 bar is recommended for coarse filter sheets in the filter press and lenticular module filters. In case of alluvial filtration, the minimal flow rate is 350 L/m2×h. The sheets can be sterilized with hot water (85 °C) or inline steam (125 °C). Please refer to the special instructions for these purposes.



–Standard depth filter sheets

–Food and beverages (e.g. beer, wine, juice), fine chemicals, cosmetic extracts, gelatine, sugar solutions etc.



  • Depth Stack Lenticular filter
  • 12” OD, 16 cells
  • 3-7um
  • Cellulose with EPDM gasket
  • Washable under certain conditions for high throughput
  • Easy and reliable handling
  • Rigid external clips prevent damage of the filter sheet during
  • Module loading and unloading
  • No filter sheet deformities after heat treatment
  • No adverse effects to filter sheets when in contact with hot sanitization or process filtration
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