12″ Cellulose Lenticular Depth Filter AF41(4-9 micron)


FIBRAFIX® depth filter sheets have been developed for the use in non-critical applications. It is the standard series and therefore they can be used in different industries such as food and beverage industry, cosmetic industry, plant extracts and process water.

– Purified and bleached cellulose
– Natural filter aid (kieselguhr, perlite)
– Cationic wet strength agent

Before filtration the filter package or module should be rinsed with 50 L/m² of clean water. Depending on the porosity and the application, the filter sheets get exhausted with increased differential pressure. The maximal differential pressure depends on the used filter sheet. For sterile filter sheets, the maximal differential pressure is lower than for coarse filter sheets. A maximal differential pressure of 2.5 bar is recommended for coarse filter sheets in the filter press and lenticular module filters. In case of alluvial filtration, the minimal flow rate is 350 L/m2×h. The sheets can be sterilized with hot water (85 °C) or inline steam (125 °C). Please refer to the special instructions for these purposes.

Quality assurance
The filter sheets are manufactured under controlled conditions, to guarantee the highest expectations in terms of quality and cleanliness. Measurement methods are described in the corresponding validation guide for filter sheets.

FILTROX filter sheets fulfill the following requirements:
– recommendation XXXVI/1 of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung, BfR)
– test criteria of the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) CFR 21 section 177.2260 (as applicable)
– Biological Safety: USP Plastic Class VI compliance, Hemolysis, Cytotoxicity

Quality checks meet international standards:
– ISO 9001 (quality management)
– ISO 14001 (environmental management)
– ISO 22000 (food safety)
– Kosher certificate
– FDA Drug Master file: DMF #16418
– EU safety data sheets can be downloaded from the website.



–Standard depth filter sheets

–Food and beverages (e.g. beer, wine, juice), fine chemicals, cosmetic extracts, gelatine, sugar solutions etc.


FIBRAFIX® AF H grades (high performance sheets with increased capacity)

Sheet type Retention rate [μm] Water value* [L/m2×min] Filtration type
AF 11H 30 – 10 1100 – 1700 Coarse filtration
AF 21H 15 – 6.0 690 – 870 Clarifying filtration
AF 31H 12 – 5.0 280 – 360 Clarifying filtration
AF 41H 9.0 – 4.0 240 – 300 Clarifying filtration
AF 71H 3.0 – 1.5 170 – 210 Fine filtration
AF 101H 1.5 – 0.6 98 – 121 Fine filtration
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