2″ UHMW Food Suction & Discharge ELIXIR Series Hose – 5 ft – FDA Approved


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Cedarstone Industry is a proud supplier of Texcel ELIXIR series distillery hoses. Specially designed and formulated for the delivery of alcohol up to 96%, wine, beer, potable water, and other related foodstuffs. The hose has a clear, UHMWPE tube to insure food quality. The hoses are odorless and do not alter the flavor of your product. With a high working temperature, these hoses are easily sterilized with steam at 230ºF for 30 minutes. They meet FDA title 21 part.177.2600(e) for liquid foods, BfR, ADI free, EC 1935 / 2004. For more information on rubber articles intended for food grade use click here.

2″ Texcel ELIXIR Series Distillery Hose

Brewhouses need distillery hoses that are specifically designed and tailor-made for the delivery and suction of all kinds of alcohols. This includes using odorless materials that do not alter the taste of the alcohol being delivered.

Not only does the 2” hose allow for the expedited delivery of more viscous alcohols, but it’s also resistant to high temperatures. This means that it can easily be sterilized using steam for up to 30 minutes at a time.

As with all other distillery hoses, we recommend daily inspections. Furthermore, it’s important to thoroughly flush the hose before every use. Our distillery hoses are FDA-approved, meaning they are perfect for every commercial brewery.

Technical Data


Green, EPDM
High strength synthetic plies with steel wire spirals.
Safety Factor
-40F to +230ºF
Safety Note
It is recommended that all food grade hoses be thoroughly flushed prior to initial use.
FDA, USDA compliant.