Beer Fermentation Tanks

Do you know how to select the very best beer fermentation tanks for your brewery? Cedarstone Industry can help you make the best decision. Of course, we suggest that you purchase all of your beer fermentation tanks and brewing equipment from us. Naturally, we’re a bit biased. But we do truly believe that we offer superior stainless steel commercial brewing equipment. And we have the testimonials to back that up. Even if you don’t want to hear what others have to say about us, consider the other compelling evidence:

  • Cedarstone Industry has been in business for almost 30 years.
  • Our clients include Coca Cola, Heineken, and GE Pharmaceutic
  • We are certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), National Board of Broiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI), and our products meet 3A 63-03 Sanitary Standards.

Few brewing tank manufacturers can boast the same level of experience, success, and customer service that we can. Frankly, they don’t offer the same wide range of services nor provide the same caliber of product. You owe it to yourself to call Cedarstone Industry and learn more about our commercial fermentation tanks. We’re confident that our stainless steel tanks will help your business.

Beer Fermentation Tank

Beer Fermentation Tank

Why 304/316L Stainless Steel?

Our competitors can’t beat our customer service, design capability, or high-quality products. The only thing that can claim to have an advantage is their pricing. However, if you read the fine print, you’ll learn that with lower pricing comes lower quality. Many beer fermentation tank manufacturers construct equipment out of low-grade products. Carbon steel, copper, aluminum, iron, and even inferior grades of stainless steel can have a drastic effect on your beer. These materials can leech into your brew or have a chemical reaction, and thus affect the taste of your beer.

Furthermore, these tanks won’t last as long as high-grade stainless steel because these materials aren’t resistant to rust or corrosion. For brewing, and for fermentation, in particular, it is vital that you purchase a well-designed, solidly constructed tank made of 304 or 316L stainless steel. Other manufacturers might offer tanks of these materials as a “premium” or “upscale” tank option. At Cedarstone, it’s the standard.

Which Stainless Steel Do You Need?

304 stainless steel, and the 316L version one step above it offer corrosion resistance and supreme durability. You really get your money’s worth with both of these products. A fermentation tank holds wort and yeast, which undergoes a huge chemical process. You need a tank that can withstand that change on the inside. At the same time, our jacketed tanks can inhibit temperature fluctuation from the outside, so your brew isn’t affected by the weather or external factors. Furthermore, the process of fermentation causes a lot of pressure to build up inside the tank. Your tank must be able to withstand this pressure, or you might have a major health hazard on your hands. Our pressure vessels are certified and sure to keep you and your brewers safe from harm during the brewing process.

Don’t take risks with a shabby product. Instead, call Cedarstone. We can provide the best tanks for your brewery in terms of durability and reliability. Furthermore, we can construct your perfect tank with our custom design service.

Beer Brite Tank

Beer Brite Tank

Why You Need A Fermentation Tank

Now that you understand that a cheaper tank isn’t worth the money you’ll waste on, you might try to cut costs in other ways. One way some emerging brewers try to cut costs is by purchasing general storage tanks for their fermentation process. We highly recommend you don’t employ this frugal tactic. Even if your storage tank is 304 stainless steel and certified by the ASME to withstand pressure, it still won’t serve you well. A fermentation tank is specifically designed for the process of crafting beer. These tanks are fitted with the tools to release carbon dioxide as needed, without allowing other air or contaminants to enter the batch. This helps to guarantee that your product is safe, pure and that your beverage doesn’t go flat.

Additionally, fermentation tanks tend to be designed differently from storage tanks. While you can find some cone bottom storage tanks, it’s not a necessity for all products. However, you’ll definitely want ya conical fermenter. Yeast falls to the bottom of the cone as the brewing process progresses. You can then remove the yeast and reuse it for a future batch. When you remove the yeast from the bottoms of the fermentation vessels, you don’t have to worry about the little bits making their way into your Brite tank or beer bottles. Fermentation tanks are constructed and designed to make the brewing process easier and more enjoyable.

5 BBL Conical-Bottom Fermenter (Unitank)

Our Fermentation Tanks Are All Made Of Stainless Steel

Benefits of Cedarstone Beer Fermentation Tanks

Hopefully, you now see why you specifically need a fermentation tank for your brewing adventure. Still, you might be tempted to look for the cheapest option wherever you can find it. At Cedarstone, we make customer service our top priority. The cornerstone of customer service is a superior product. Our stainless steel fermentation tanks are designed to make running your business easier. Above, we mentioned the specific design of a designated fermentation tank.

Additionally, our designers make our tanks easier to clean. We install clean-in-place spray balls in our tanks so you don’t have to climb inside and scrub the wall. Instead, the spray ball can reach every bit of internal surface area and keep your tank clean. Lastly, you can have automated controls installed on your new fermentation tanks from Cedarstone Industry. If you’re working with others or intend to at some point in the future, these computerized controls can make teaching and training much easier. In fact, emerging brewers can find these tools quite useful in helping them get over the learning curve of brewing.

Call Cedarstone Industry today to learn more about our beer fermentation tanks! We can adjust just about any aspect, and make sure that your tanks are perfect for your business. Call us today at (281) 397-3700 or fill out our online form to get in touch with us. We can wait to construct the perfect setup for your brewery!

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    Very fast service and delivery. Great products. Will buy from them again! 🤘
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    Use cedarstone for sanitary weld elbows for high quality custom exhuast systems they are fantastic pieces and well priced. Haven't had any issues yet. Quick … read more processing and shipping