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If you are currently looking for a beer hose, chances are you are in the brewing business. If this is the case, then you will want only the highest quality of beer hoses available. This is where Cedarstone Industry comes in. With our decades in the industry, we are sure to find the right equipment for your brewery. Above all, our commitment to excellence will ensure that your brewery maximizes efficiency while reducing cost at every turn. Whether you need a beer hose or a new fermentation tank, we have a wide range of products and services. Contact us today to learn about our various services and why we are a leading company in the industry.

Being part of the brewing industry means facing lots of competition. As a result, getting the edge in whatever aspect possible is extremely important. When you choose to partner with Cedarstone, you are making a wise decision for both you and your brewery. Our commitment to excellence is second to none and we will work diligently to make sure all of your needs are met. Above, all, we want to help take your brewery to the next level. We accomplish this by using the best practices and providing the highest quality of products available. We are so confident in our ability that we guarantee you won’t find a better company for the job.

1.5" Texcel GROWLER Series Brewery Hose -FDA Approved- No Fitting

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Our Food-Grade Hoses

Brewery hoses include beer hoses, wine hoses, and other types of alcohol hoses. Cedarstone Industry is a current supplier of Texcel hoses. These high-quality hoses are designed for suction and delivery of beer, wine, alcohol, and other soft drinks. If you run a business in the beverage industry, you will benefit greatly from a Texcel hose. While each hose differs slightly in regards to working temperature other factors, they all outrank comparable hoses.

Though we don’t manufacture Texcel hoses ourselves, we hold this vital tool to the same standard as all of our other products. Therefore, you can be certain that these food-grade hoses can be trusted to safely transport and funnel your beverages, so long as you keep them clean. And keeping them clean isn’t very hard to do! To sterilize, steam the hose at 230 degrees Fahrenheit for half an hour. Not only will your hose be clean, but it will be sterile enough to use for another product. However, because each Texcel hose offers slightly different benefits, it makes sense to have a designated hose for each type of product you brew or manufacture. Plus, with distinct hoses, you’ll spend less time cleaning your tools and more time bottling your beverage!

Benefits of Our Hoses

Our hoses share many of the same great benefits. For one, the smooth BIIR (butyl) rubber tube ensures the quality of the product. These hoses are odorless and don’t affect the taste, texture, or quality of your beverage in any way. Each hose we supply meets the FDA standards for tools handling liquid foods. Furthermore, our hoses are USDA compliant. As a result of using these hoses, you’ll have a commercial quality beer for your very deserving customers. These beer lines will help you have a quality beer dispenser for draft beer and any other kind of beverages you may be brewing.

Types of Hoses

No matter which brewery hose you select, you’ll appreciate its functionality. Therefore, if you have trouble deciding which hose is best for your products, call Cedarstone Industry.

Beer Hose

Our brewery hoses are actually great for the delivery of not just beer, but also wine, alcohol, and other soft drinks. This hose has an impressive working temperature range of -40 degrees up to 248 degrees. You might consider the Texcel Growler brewery hose to be a jack of all trades. This hose delivers a working pressure of 150psi and is available in a variety of lengths and diameters. You can learn more about our beer hose here.

Distillery Hose

Our distillery food grade hoses are made with the same great material as our beer hose. You have the option of purchasing this hose with or without a Cedarstone stainless steel hose adapter. A distillery hose is specifically intended for the delivery of alcohol. You can safely funnel alcohol up to 96% without worrying about the degradation of the beverage or the hose. Additionally, you can transfer potable water through these hoses as well. The temperature range for this hose is nearly as high as the brewery hose. Click here to view our available distillery hoses.

Winery Hose

For the suction and discharge of wine, fruit juice, and soft drinks, you need the Texcel Balthazar series wine hose. You’ll get the same great, odorless hose so your customers will taste your wine in its true form. In line with the other products, our wine hose is constructed with high strength materials, such as its synthetic plies with steel wire spirals. Learn more about this type of hose here.

Heavy Duty Winery Hose

The heavy-duty winery hose is corrugated and built for the most abusive applications. You can even pump liquid foods in this versatile hose, thank to it’s higher working pressure. The pressure has a great impact on the loading and unloading speed of your product, which can make your entire method or system more efficient overall. To purchase a heavy-duty wine hose for your high-volume orders or liquid food product, click here.

Stainless Fittings

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Other Types of Hoses

We have hoses that are not designed for the transport of beverages but can still benefit your business. For example, our steam hose can help you keep your workplace clean. The steam hose delivers potable hot water mixed with your designated cleaning solution. The hose is resistant abrasion, the ozone, and weather, and has a higher temperature rating than the beverage hoses. On the other hand, our suction hose has the lowest working temperature range, from -4 degrees to only 150 degrees. This suction hose is designed for dry and wet food transport. The smooth bore of this corrugated hose prevents buildup.

Top-Quality Beer Hoses

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Beer Hose and Other Brewing Equipment

So to summarize, Cedarstone Industry is the company to contact when it comes to all types of brewing equipment and services. That includes brewery hoses. You can get in touch with us by calling (281) 397-3700 or clicking here. To learn more about brewing equipment like a beer hose, click here.

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