Brewery Consultant

Do you need a brewery consultant to help you get your brewery or microbrewery off the ground? Cedarstone Industry has been involved in the brewing industry for over 25 years. We manufacture and install the products and tools that make brewing beer possible. Additionally, we’ve worked with a wide range of companies. Our experience with various manufacturers and businesses, not limited to the beer industry, makes us uniquely suited to help you launch your brewery. We provide a full suite of brewery consulting services. Whether you need help in one area or want our opinion and advice from start to finish, we are more than willing to help.

On the other hand, you may have actually been in the beer industry for quite some time. You might have a signature recipe, personalized brewing method, and custom branding. However, you aren’t getting the results you desire. Maybe you were getting those results, at first. However, something has changed and you aren’t sure what it is. Fortunately, Cedarstone Industry can help your business as well. We don’t only offer our consulting service for emerging breweries. Whether you’ve been thinking about starting a brewery for the past few weeks or have been shipping your beers around the nation for the past few decades, we want to help you maximize your success.

What does brewery consulting include? The simple answer to that is, “whatever you need.” From business plan development to final taste testing, we can assist you with just about any part of your process. We will structure a personalized plan to meet your unique needs. Then, we’ll execute our plan with complete precision to get you the results you desire.

Brewery Consultant

Brewery Consultant

The First Step: Plan and Design

Whether you’re a new or established brewery, it never hurts to take things back to the beginning. How solid is your business plan? Is your design appealing? Our brewery consultants at Cedarstone Industry can help you with the initial stages of any business. Even if you’ve been in the business for quite some time, it never hurts to go back to the drawing board. The key to your success might be as simple as a new logo or a more efficient floor plan.

Business Plan Development

We will help you form a complete business plan. If you don’t have a formal business plan, you may be limited in how much your business can grow and expand. A business plan sets clear goals, expectations. This plan can even dictate your brand personality when it comes to social media posts and other decisions that impact how the public views your brand. Consider a business plan a roadmap to success. Without it, you’ll never quite sure where you’ll end up.

Brewery Design and Layout

Layout issues can cause big safety concerns and productivity bottlenecks. Fortunately, brewery design in one of our specialty consultant areas. As a premier brewing systems manufacturer and installer, we know just where to place your tanks and systems to allow the greatest efficiency. We’ll help you make the most of your indoor or outdoor space, to produce the most beer in the least amount of time.

Equipment Installation and Commissioning

Whether you need a commercial keg washer or a stainless steel storage tank, we have what you need. You can purchase all of the equipment you need to get started or revamp your business from Cedarstone. Furthermore, we can make sure that the equipment is installed quickly and correctly so that we can get started with the fun part. All you have to do is pick which tanks you want in your brewery (with our help, of course).

Recipe Formulation

We can help you formulate and perfect your one-of-kind recipe. We have experience with all types of beers, such as lite beers, stouts, and award-winning drafts in a range of categories. We know the best fermentation practices to bring out your desired results.

Stainless Steel Tank Manufacturing

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Part Two: Operating the Business

Now that you’ve got a thorough outline, it’s time to set your goals in motion. We can help you with both the basic and more complex operations of a brewery. While some businesses don’t put enough time into the plan, others excel in that area and falter when it comes to execution. Fortunately, CedarStone Industry can help you get through any complications, or better yet, prevent them entirely.

Brewer Screening, Selection, and Training

You might know how to brew your own beers, but how well can you teach someone? Fortunately, you don’t have to go at it alone. We can help you screen potential brewers and even assist you as you train them. Both you and your brewers are bound to learn something new through our training.


A good design may be the start of optimal output, but it’s not the end. We can help you develop standard operating procedures and protocols for your brewery. We’ve assisted with operations in a range of environments, which includes brewpub and production spaces. If you need help with inventory, management, packaging, or any operational function, let us give you a hand.

Brewery Consultant

Our brewery consulting service can grow your business!

Final Stage: Brewing and Sales

Opening the Brewery

Once all operations are in motion, it’s time to open the brewery! We can make sure that your opening and the subsequent batches are everything you hope for, and more.

Brewing the Initial Batches

A recipe is a good start. But we’re here to make sure that the execution is flawless and your beer tastes just how you like it, every time.

Sales and Marketing

We don’t spearhead your marketing department. Instead, we train you to train others to take on this valuable function. Get your beer out of the brewery and to your buyers with the help of our sales and marketing training.

Call Us For Our Consulting Service!

As you can see, Cedarstone Industry is here for you, every step of the way. In fact, our customer service doesn’t just refer to our consulting options. If you have any questions, you can contact us any time through our online contact form. Alternatively, you can call us at (281) 397-3700. Whether you need a brewery consultant or just want to inquire about parts and tools, you can count on us.

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