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Which Brewery Equipment Manufacturers you choose to purchase your brew system from is a very important decision. The company that manufactures your brew tanks can drastically affect the outcome of your beverage. A high-quality tank will help you create and sell a high-quality beer. On the other hand, a substandard brewing system can severely limit your brew and your business.

Lower-end brewing tanks might seem like a great steal. However, the companies that sell these types of tanks basically just steal your money. You need tanks made of the best materials, that are built to last. Furthermore, poorly-designed tanks are a hassle to clean. This wastes valuable time that could be used to ferment more batches of wort.

Commercial Stainless Steel Tube Fittings

Quality Commercial Stainless Steel 2-vessel Brewing System

Tanks without many temperature-protective features or automation controls can cause you to create inconsistent batches. Furthermore, you might be restricted in terms of when and where you can brew your beer. Instead of brewing at your own convenience, you’ll have to wait for the ideal weather conditions. In sum, cheap, poorly-made tanks are much more trouble than their worth.

Cedarstone Industry provides the highest quality stainless steel tanks and systems for brewing beer, fermenting wine, and much more. From the smallest craft brewery to the multinational company Coca Cola, we are proud to say that we offer solutions for every food or drink manufacturer. From our wide variety of standard options to our custom builds, we have the best equipment for your brewery.

Brewery Equipment

At Cedarstone Industry, we provide many different types of brewery equipment for commercial use. Below, we’ll discuss a few of our many great options. If you want a more detail list of our offerings and their specifications, click here.

Fermentation Tank

In sum, fermentation is the process of making beer. To successfully brew beer, you need to ferment wort.  Yeast reacts with the wort and releases ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide gas. The ethyl alcohol affects the alcohol content of the beverage, while the carbon dioxide gas shows up in the beer as carbonation. You need a designated tank to ferment your beer, or the latter component might be missing. If that is the case, your beer will be flat. Furthermore, the beer might become contaminated by other scents or particles that made their way into a non-secure tank. The mixture must be completely sealed off from the air.

As the fermentation progresses, the yeast will fall to the bottom of the object the beer is being brewed in. Thus, you also need to perform your fermentation in a tank that allows the yeast to be removed without affecting the quality of the beer. Furthermore, you must measure the gravity of the mixture at various stages during the brewing process. The gravity measurement is the method through which you measure the alcohol content in the beer. It’s also one of the ways you know when the first stage of brewing is complete.

Quality Tube Fittings

Stainless Steel 3-Vessel Brewing System

Brite Tank

Once your beer has practically reached its ideal state, you’ll want to transfer the beverage to a Brite tank. Make your final adjustments in the Brite tank, and when you’re ready, bottle the beer directly from this tank. There are quite a few other components you need to ensure a proper brew, but these two tanks are essential pieces of brewing equipment.

…and more!

In addition to selling commercial fermentation tanks and Brite tanks, we also sell other stainless steel brewing equipment. For example, Cedarstone Industry can provide your brewery with hot liquor tanks, wine tanks, storage tanks, or even a complete brewing system. No matter which type of tanks you need for your business, you’ll find that they all possess the same great features (outlined below). If you need individual components, such as fittings, and valves, you can also find those stainless steel parts at Cedarstone Industry. Every part, no matter how small, is polished stainless steel.

About Our Equipment

We offer many different pieces of equipment, from 100,000-gallon capacity tanks to the smallest sanitary fitting. However, all of our equipment features the same high-quality stainless steel. Whether you prefer 304 or 316L stainless steel, we have the tools for you to run your business. Our tanks meet ASME certification, making them ideal for pressurized cooking and fermentation. Furthermore, our stainless steel is non-corrosive and resistant to chemical staining. Not only have our tanks been used in the craft brewing industry, but also amongst pharmaceutical manufacturers, chemical plants, and oil companies. Your beverage is safe from contamination and the elements while it’s inside our tanks.

Most of our tanks also feature a clean-in-place spray ball. This piece of equipment allows you to clean the tank without much effort. The spray ball can reach 100% of the interior area of the tank. Your tank will be completely clean and sanitary for our next batch. Our tanks have no dead corners, which make them easier to clean, with or without the spray ball. We provide the CIP system as an addition to our already-superior design.

If you need to manufacturer food or ensure the best temperature distribution, take a look at our jacketed tanks. These tanks and cookers are fitted with superior glycol insulation for the most optimal heat transfer within each batch. This ensures that your product is evenly heated or good. Furthermore, the jacket increases efficiency and can help you create batches faster and faster. With the optimized temperature control, you’ll cook faster and better than ever before.

Brewery Equipment Manufacturers

Automated Brewing System for Craft Brewers

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Cedarstone Industry has provided stainless steel solutions for many areas of business since 1992. We make it our mission to meet customer’s needs. Therefore, if you have specific requirements, give us a call! We love to create custom tanks. Not only can we craft a unique size or shape to fit in your manufacturing space. We can also fit your equipment with automation equipment and electronic controls.

Call us today at (281) 397-3700 or contact us online and you’ll see why we’re one of the best Brewery Equipment Manufacturers in the United States.

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