Brewery Tanks

If you need commercial brewery tanks for your business, call Cedarstone Industry. We have many options for you to choose from when it comes to high-quality brewery systems, fermentation tanks, and storage tanks. Your options are practically limitless when you rely on Cedarstone to provide your new brewing system. We craft custom storage tanks to accommodate any space requirement. Furthermore, we can install tanks and systems both indoors and outdoors.

If you know what you need, Cedarstone Industry is sure to be able to provide your ideal brewery system. On the other hand, perhaps you aren’t sure what you need. In that case, you should still give us a call. Not only can we help you identify the best new system for your business. We can also create a unique system for you depending on your preferences. You won’t have as many options elsewhere. Therefore, you can save a lot of time and effort when you shop with a brewery tank supplier with a wide range of equipment and parts, which includes custom builds. That way, you can get to the other aspects of your business much faster.

Brewery Tanks

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What Makes Our Brewery Tanks Special

Our brewery tanks are unmatched in the commercial industry. Fortunately, there are several reasons for that. You don’t have to sacrifice one quality for another when you shop with Cedarstone Industry. Our beer tanks provide a host of benefits and maintain the integrity of your recipe and brewing process. In fact, with our tools, you can perfect the taste, hops, and more. When it’s time to taste test or even serve your product, you can draw beer straight from our tanks! However, the ability to save space isn’t the only great feature of our tanks.

Two Stainless Steel Options

Stainless steel is the best tank material for beer. Unscathed by the chemical process, you get a great lifespan out of stainless steel tanks. Furthermore, these options are extremely durable and easy to clean. Our stainless steel tanks are even easier to clean than normal when you purchase an option with a clean-in-place (CIP) system installed. Even without a CIP system, our ergonomically-designed tanks have smooth edges and tilted openings that make water and beverage flow a breeze.

The two types of stainless steel that we offer for our brewery tanks are 304 and 316L. Both options will suit you well for your brewery. Our 304 stainless steel tanks are fitted with 100mm chloride-free PU insulation. This can protect your tank even more from corrosion and damage. On the other hand, 316L already comes with this protection built into the material. While 316L is the more expensive option, you’ll probably find that this stainless steel pays for itself in terms of longevity and durability.

In either case, you can purchase brewery tanks with glycol jackets, which help control and maintain temperature. We also apply a sanitary finish to each tank. Additionally, both the internal shell and the cooling jacket are pressure tested to the ASME standard.

Commercial Stainless Steel Tube Fittings

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Optional Features

No brewery is exactly like another. We offer customizable options and additional features so that you can get the best brewery tanks for your particular beverage. If your brewing ritual follows a more organic or traditional approach, you might opt-out of these features. But to ensure consistency amongst batches, you might benefit from some of our electronic fittings. Monitor pressure, temperature, and more with our automation controls and digital reading screens. With these options, your recipes will be more precise than ever before.

Shape Options

Depending on the size of your business, you might need a larger or smaller tank than the next brewer. Additionally, you have to consider your available space. We can help you decide the best capacity to select in a brewery tank.

brewery tanks for sale

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Types of Brewery Tanks

Though all of our brewery tanks have the same great qualities, they each function quite differently. It’s important to know specifically which type of brewery tank you need. Fortunately, Cedarstone Industry provides complete brewing systems for brewers who are just getting started. Also, if you want to use less space or create a more efficient brewing routine, you may benefit from our complete multi-vessel brewing systems as well. You can get all of the tools you need to start your business off right from Cedarstone Industry.

If you prefer to purchase each tank separately, or don’t need to replace everything at once, we sell individual brewery tanks as well. Below, we’ll describe a few of the different types of tanks we provide and what makes them great. However, you can always look at our brewing system tanks to learn more about our available products.

Fermentation Tank

In order to successfully ferment wort, you must perform the fermentation in a tank that allows the carbon dioxide to escape but prevents any other air or gases from entering. Furthermore, the tank needs to have an opening at the bottom through which yeast can be recollected. Yeast falls to the bottom of the tank as the fermentation process progresses and can be reused several times. That is unless the yeast is wasted or can’t be retrieved due to poor tank construction. When the process is complete, the tank must have the proper fittings to filter and transfer the beer to another, yeast-free tank.

Brite Tank

With the production of beer taken care of in the fermentation process, you then need secondary tanks to store your beer in. Brite tanks have a number of purposes. Brite tanks can reduce carbonation times, allow for more efficient yeast transfers, and can also be used as a serving tank. Cedarstone’s high-quality Brite tanks have 4″ chloride-free insulation. These tanks also come with carbonation stone assembly, as well as thermowell to control the brewing temperature. With our Brite tanks, you’ll be monitoring lager, serving temperature and measure volumes easier than ever before.

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If you need brewing equipment and don’t know where to start, give Cedarstone Industry a call. You can reach us at (281) 397-3700 or you can use our online form. We can find the perfect brewery tank for your business, and provide any other tools or equipment you need as well.

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    Very fast service and delivery. Great products. Will buy from them again! 🤘
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