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Are you need of a quality Brewing System? If so, Cedarstone Industry has just what you need. With our decades of experience in the industry, we have the expertise required to help improve the efficiency and quality of any type of brewery. We love working with all of our clients and we can’t wait to get your brewery to the top of the industry. Our team of experts and engineers will work diligently to ensure your brewery is kept at optimal efficiency at all times. When you choose to partner with Cedarstone Industry, you can expect a company focused on providing the best quality of services and equipment available. Contact us today to learn more about our services and products.

In the competitive market of breweries, efficiency is extremely important. Furthermore, being able to save money whenever possible is just as important. Cedarstone’s services are designed to improve the efficiency of your brewery as much as possible while saving you money whenever possible. A brewing system should be able to handle the appropriate amount of product your brewery is planning to produce. With our help, you’ll be able to get a brewing system that is perfect for you and your brewery. We are confident that we can find whatever brewery solutions your brewery may need. Contact us today to learn more about our company and why we are a leading service provider in our industry.

Commercial Brewing Systems

Full System Commercial Brewing Equipment for craft beer and brew kettle

Top-Notch Brewing Systems

If you are trying to be the best in your industry, you’ll need to have the highest quality of products. As a result of our years of experience, we know what it takes to make sure your beer is the best around. One of the most important things to consider when operating a brewery is having an efficient brewing system. Having an efficient system not only helps you produce beer at a faster rate, but it also ensures the quality of the products. With Cedarstone’s experience and knowledge in the industry, your brewery will maximize efficiency while reducing costs whenever possible.

A quality brewing system will help you with many aspects of your brewery, including things such as efficiency and speed of production. The quality of a brewing system will help you with things such as saving space, money, and time. Whether that means using a 2 vessel mash and boil kettle or a dedicated HTL tank, we have the solution you need. Cedarstone is invested in making sure that all of our clients achieve a certain level of efficiency that will guarantee great rates of customer satisfaction.

One thing to note is that brewhouses with limited space can use commercial tankless water heaters instead of HTL tanks in order to provide hot water. Cedarstone’s stainless steel vessel brewing systems are insulated using chloride-free, 100mm Rockwell insulation. All of these things are designed to keep temperatures at the levels required for proper brewing. Our efficient brewing systems will also help produce batches at record speeds. Don’t wait any longer and maximize your brewhouse’s efficiency with our systems.

Why You Need Stainless Steel Tanks & Vessels

Cedarstone Industry specializes in the manufacturing and supplying of all kinds of stainless steel storage tanks. The tanks we offer come with a cooling/heating jacket. We also offer stainless steel tanks without insulation and jacket. Our storage tanks have been used in many industries including breweries, wineries, pharmaceutical, dairy, chemical, food, and cosmetic fields.

Whether you desire an insulated vessel (which we’ll discuss later) or not, stainless steel is non-negotiable. When it comes to the manufacturing of commercial products, especially consumable products, you need 304 or 316L stainless steel. Stainless steel resists corrosion, so the tanks last longer and don’t collect contaminating chemicals that destroy your beer. Furthermore, these stainless steel tanks are easy to clean and require very little effort to maintain.

We use the same great metal for all of our tanks, and even our smaller valves and fittings as well. That’s how much we stand by the durability and effectiveness of stainless steel.

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Stainless Steel Brewing Systems

Tank Insulation

A vital part of maintaining the quality of your product is making sure the beer is properly stored. Cedarstone provides bulk storage insulation and related services. If you purchase a tank from us, it will come already insulated. The insulation will generate excellent thermal control, energy savings costs, and protection. This ensures that you keep your beer at the right temperature, which saves time.

The insulation services is a process that begins with placing PU foam into the spacing between the inner shell and outer shell of the tank or vessel. The PU foam is will then harden forming a certain density of solid insulation. Our thermal insulation provides the most durable system available. As a result, you will have quality temperature control and energy-efficient operations to improve your brewery’s overall production.

Tank Polishing

The experienced staff at Cedarstone Industry performs precision polishing services. Furthermore, these services are great for components of all shapes and sizes using a PLC-controlled robotic polishing machine. This ensures that our products maintain their status as low-maintenance equipment. Our mechanical and hand polishing has delivered great results for all our clients. The clients we have served have included those in the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical industry, and more. Cedarstone’s hand polishers are trained and are very dedicated to this their field.

Extraction Equipment

We can help install your brewery system!

Brewery Consulting

A successful brewery will require hard work and dedication. It will also require extensive personal and financial investment. Even if you do all of the things required, you are still not guaranteed any level of success. It is always helpful to have a business partner that is fully committed to growing alongside your brewery. Cedarstone offers brewery consulting services that will help navigate through the many problems involved in the brewing industry. Contact us today to learn more about our many services including the consulting aspect of our company.

Brewing System

An efficient brewing system will help your brewery in a multitude of ways. For starters, it will help you brew high-quality beer products. Additionally, a brewing system can help you improve efficiency and production in your brewery. If you wish to learn more about our many services, contact us as soon as possible. You can get in touch with us by calling (281) 397-3700 or contacting us online. Get a brewing system can help your brewery in more than one way.

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