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Are you looking to get a new bulk milk tank for your company? When your old tank has finally broken down, it’s important to get a replacement that can match the quality and go one step further. At Cedarstone, we will help you take that next step and give you the quality you’re in need of. Our stainless steel bulk milk tanks have top of the line design and quality. They can ensure that your large scale quantities are kept in the proper conditions and maintained before usage.

It’s very important that perishable items such as milk are kept in their safe and effective chambers that will keep them in their form.  There are different options for different needs, however. Throughout this article, we will help differentiate which one will work best for your circumstances. Remember, if you feel as though you have found the right product, feel free to go to our website or contact one of our representatives to continue your transaction. Otherwise, we will be happy to explain why our bulk milk tanks will be just right for you!

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What Size Do You Need?

The location will always make a huge difference. If you don’t have space or the ability to use the largest size milk tank, you won’t want to spend more money than you have to. Additionally, you may not even be able to store it on your land if that is the case. That’s why we have a few options that you can select which will cater to a specific need in the market.

Horizontal Bulk Milk Tank

These are going to be the largest options that you can utilize. Ideal for the 1,000 cow dairy farm. Since they are set to rest on their side, horizontally, they have a much higher surface area which can hold mass amounts of liquid. It is ideal for locations like large farms or industrial sites that use a lot of liquid a day and need the option for large quantities.

Vertical Bulk Milk Tank

If your location is not as large as a mass-production industrial plant, you won’t need that scale. As a result, you would do much better with a vertical farm tank. First of all, it will take up less space as the vertical tank extends upwards, not outwards. This is a common trend to get more space in cities, too. This route will provide you less volume, but it will be a cheaper and less invasive option for the high quality you need.

Milk Cooling Vats

On the occasion that you don’t have an industrial plant or a large farm to oversee, there are still other options. This is the case for small farms or operations that have low milk quantity or not many access points. The result is a smaller milk cooling tank that can hold and cool the milk of a small number of cows. Even though it has a small space available, it can provide great effects. The cooling of milk and proper storage is just as essential as the rest of the milking process. That’s why, even if you are not on a large scale project, you should invest in cooling vats that can do the best job.

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The design will be made to fit your specifications!

Responsive Systems

At Cedarstone, we are always trying to be ahead of the curb. That’s why we have options for your bulk milk tanks to have smart cooling systems. Since the cooling aspect of the milk tank is an essential aspect, it’s important to have a cooling system that can perform without worry. As a result, there are tanks with Koolway technology that automatically reacts to any changes in the milk load. If there is more milk added, the temperature will shift to ensure that the new amount is now cooled to the ideal degree. This is effective at retaining homeostasis, hopefully increasing the quality of the milk in conclusion.

State Regulations Require Cooling

Milk is a very sensitive substance in the food industry. It is delicate and perishes very fast. That is why there are large scale regulations on this. Many states require farms to get their milk to market fast. The minimum window of time that it takes for the milk to be transferred must be within 48 hours. That means for large scale farms. There has to be exceptional infrastructure in place to organize, coordinate, and contain all of that milk.

This is where a bulk milk tank comes into play. Whenever you are making your transition from the farm to the tankers that will drive it to the distribution centers, you have to keep it at a specific temperature. Most states will require that it stays at 45 degrees until it is placed into the tanker. As you may know, milk does not come at 45 degrees and therefore, must be cooled to the ideal temperature. This is to provide the highest quality and most sanitary milk.

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The bulk milk tanks already have cooling systems built into them. We mentioned that they would periodically shift temperature to maintain that specific degree. This is why these types of containers are so sought after. They can provide the storage and cooling that is necessary. Direct loading the milk into the tankers is a lot more work and more vulnerable to error. To avoid the simple mistakes, ensure that you have a Cedarstone Bulk Milk Tank for your milk!

Bulk Milk Tank for sale

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Our bulk milk tanks are going to be top of the line. You can get the best results from one of our storage tanks. We will ensure that it is maintained at the proper temperatures. Also that it is large enough to hold the volume you need. Our options are fully capable of being modified with all of the sensors, custom sizings, and more. If you want to get started with your new tank, give us a call! You can reach us at (281) 397-3700 or visit our website to learn more. We are always happy to help another client keep their business running! Regardless of whether you’re storing milk or brewing beer, our tanks are the perfect option for you.

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