Cannabis Alcohol Extraction

Cannabis alcohol extraction is more of a widely known process than you may think. After all, cannabis uses for medicinal purposes other than recreational drug use. It is a large part of our culture, whether we realize it or not. As you know, it comes from plant matter, difficult to purely extract. Cedarstone Industry’s machines allow the capability of pure extraction without wasting time.

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Medical uses for cannabis are termed “medical marijuana.” Its purposes range from a variety of illnesses. Imagine hospitals, pharmacies, and other professions working without it. It could be detrimental. We understand this and are one of the leading industries for commercial businesses. We supply the equipment you need to solve your production needs.

Manufacturing is our strong suit. Twenty years of excellent service is what we provide at Cedarstone Industry. Cannabis is also used to instigate the euphoric feeling when consuming alcoholic beverages as well as ethanol. Ethanol works hand in hand in the extraction process with cannabis to ensure its authenticity. Quality is what we excel in, and we won’t hesitate to go the extra mile for our customers.

Cannabis Medical Uses

The medical uses for cannabis are tremendous. Due to its benefits, more and more states are legalizing this particular plant. Cannabis concentrates aids in the following conditions:

  • Alzheimer’s disease – Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia. It decreases brain function involving memory, communication, and thinking.
  • Cancer – If you don’t know this malignancy, it is an abnormal growth of cells in the body. More people every day are affected by this condition.
  • Chron’s disease – Chron’s disease is a chronic inflammatory disease involving the digestive tract. These symptoms include abdominal pain and diarrhea.
  • Anorexia – This serious condition exudes a person’s fears of gaining weight. Due to this fear, an eating disorder develops, causing the person to refuse food.
  • Epilepsy – Epilepsy involves a group of related disorders, which tends to cause seizures.
  • Glaucoma – If you have ever heard of a buildup of pressure behind the eye, it can be due to Glaucoma. This condition damages the optic nerve over time.
  • Mental health – Schizophrenia and other psychiatric conditions can be lessened by cannabis as well.
  • Multiple sclerosis – You may know it as MS, which is a long-lasting disease affecting the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves.
  • Cachexia – Due to severe chronic illness, cachexia involves weakness and wasting of the body.

Though cannabis may not directly aid in any of these conditions, it does have effects lessening the strain caused. If you require marijuana for medicinal purposes, it may reduce anxiety, inflammation, and cancerous cells. Also, it might control nausea, relax tight muscles, and stimulate the appetite. Additionally, you can use cannabis oil for pain management.

Cannabis Alcohol Extraction

If you didn’t already know, ethanol extractions involve marijuana. To extract compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes, they need to be isolated.  Extraction methods or extraction techniques use cannabis, which soaks up selective compounds using ethanol as a solvent. Extracting cannabinoids can be a time-consuming process. Cedarstone Industry gets you that final product at a much faster rate.

Our centrifuge extractors are designed and manufactured for high-speed operation. Additionally, they are easy to maintain and operate. Therefore, an industry requiring cannabis extractions can use our machines to produce it at a much faster rate. The cannabis industry is widely used. Due to this, factors such as water solubles slowing down the chemical process cannot hold up production.

Furthermore, we grasp your products. Our devices are designed with you and your industry in mind. For instance, one of our machine’s features is low-temperature extraction. Lowering the liquids boiling point increases the rate of distillation and reduces exposure to temperature-sensitive products. Distillation, as you may have guessed, is the process of isolating a liquid or component by heating, vaporization, or condensation. Furthermore, the isolation is extremely important as you don’t want other components ruining the purity of the extraction.

Cannabis Extraction Equipment

One part of our cannabis alcohol extraction equipment involves a rotary. This rotary evaporation method has been invented and used since 1950. This process involves compounds of mixes or liquids outside of the rotary, separated by the gravity of the spin. After the required components are separate, you can isolate and remove the compound in a controlled manner by vacuum.

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Vacuum distillation, as the term suggests, isolates the component in the cannabis with removal. THC and CBD are two elements within cannabis and can be removed separately for essential oils. Due to the vacuum’s efficiency, its action allows for higher purity of either element. As mentioned before, marijuana has medicinal uses. Due to its unique purpose, the purest production of this product, the better.

There are also other parts involving our equipment we can’t even explain in the limited time we have. Our entire machine is geared toward perfecting the extraction process. When it comes to quality, it doesn’t get better than our products. Let us supply you with our device sweeping the nation by storm. Coca-Cola, Heineken, and other big names trust our manufacture products to aid them in the commercial industry. You can too!

Cedarstone Industry Extraction Service

Our service is more than vast and rewarding. Customers we work with include:

  • Shiner Block

    Centrifuge Ethanol Extraction

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  • Haskell
  • Blue Bell Creameries
  • Karbach Brewing Company
  • 2nd Shift Brewing
  • And more, a lot more!

If you’re looking to engage with our amazing customer experience, check out our other clients. Cedarstone Industry has plenty of experience in our relevant fields. Unparalleled expertise is another category we excel in. Moreover, knowing temperature control plays a vital row in the extraction workflow, and we got your back. Cannabis is an invaluable compound we use daily without even knowing it. We use it in gas, medicine, and other products. There is no limit to what our manufacturing processes can do.

Luckily, we possess a team of skilled engineers who know their respective fields. Going the extra mile and considering every aspect of your industry is our goal. Plus, we are so thoughtful, that our news page even gives customers tips on how to improve their products. Don’t wait to make us your one-stop-shop for cannabis alcohol extraction products.

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