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If you’re looking for a CBD Extraction Machine, you should take a look at our inventory. Cedarstone Industry has provided stainless steel tanks for manufacturers in nearly every commercial industry. Companies around the world use our tanks to prepare, hold, and store food, oils, pharmaceuticals, and more. We’ve earned a name for ourselves as a leading provider of high-quality equipment, and a leading provider of high-quality customer service.

Whether you’re an emerging CBD oil manufacturer or you’re in search of new equipment for your established business, let Cedarstone Industry help. The article below explains the many benefits of our extraction machines, which takes on many of the same great characteristics as much of our other equipment. Then, we’ll provide more detail about our extraction machines themselves. If you need more information to help you decide which machine to use for your CBD extraction, contact us using the info provided below. We’ll help you find what you need, or we’ll build it for you.

Cannabis Extraction Machine

Molecular Distillation System

What Makes Cedarstone Industry Equipment Great

There are many reasons to love Cedarstone Industry products. All of our tanks and vessels, including our extraction equipment, are made with the same great attention to detail. We try to provide as many benefits to manufacturers as we can. As you’ll learn below, Cedarstone Industry makes equipment that you will continue to use for many years to come. Furthermore, you’ll actually enjoy using our products. Here’s why:

Stainless Steel Equipment

We build our equipment using either 304 or 316L stainless steel, depending on the intended use. Both of these grades of steel provide superior durability and corrosion resistance. In some instances, stainless steel equipment is a requirement. Otherwise, the tanks won’t hold up to the heat, pressure, or chemicals. However, even if you could possibly use other materials or metals, we advise against it. Even inferior grades of stainless steel should be avoided. That’s because these other metals don’t have the same longevity. That means you’ll spend more money, more often, trying to maintain and replace the equipment.

Another reason to stick with 304 or 316L stainless steel equipment is that other metals can alter your final product. For example, copper can change the color of your oils, and iron could affect the taste. Your batches will be inconsistent at best, and unsafe at worst. When manufacturing CBD products, maintaining the purity of those cannabinoids is vital. Otherwise, you could have a health risk (and a legal risk) on your hands. Cedarstone Industry’s oil extraction systems will help you truly extract what you need from your cannabis or hemp, and nothing you don’t want.

Sanitary Equipment

Sanitary, in this case, doesn’t just mean “clean.” Sanitary equipment has been approved for use even in food-grade facilities, or for the production of ingestible products. If you’re in the cannabis industry, you should always try to use sanitary equipment. Even if you don’t market your products to be eaten/swallowed, sanitary fittings provide extra assurance when it comes to ensuring the safety of your products.

In order for fitting to classify as sanitary, they must be made in a way that prevents any outside substances from entering the vessel. In order to ensure that, the fittings need to be made of a non-porous material (such as stainless steel) and feature a non-spill design. Furthermore, this equipment must actually be certified. At Cedarstone Industry, the fitting we make and use for all of our equipment have 3-A Certification. Documentation is available per request.

Sanitary equipment benefits both the manufacturer and the consumer. The product remains pure, and the equipment is easier to clean. Even if you don’t need sanitary fittings, why not take that extra measure? You can’t ever be sure how far your product line will expand.

No Dead Corners

Using sanitary fittings means you get to spend less time cleaning. Our “no dead corners” rule provides that benefit as well. There’s really no reason for dead corners—they just provide a spot for product to build-up. By eliminating this inconvenient design aspect, our equipment is much easier to clean and keep clean. For one, your product can be easily retrieved from the vessel. After you’ve collected your batch, you’ll have a much easier time cleaning the vessel.

Automated Controls

Even the most skilled extraction team benefits through the use of technology. By monitoring the extraction process, you can ensure consistent products. Different automated systems are available, depending on the type of machine you decide upon. From timers to display screens, we can fit you with a variety of tools that make your job easier.

Cannabis Extraction Machine

CBD Crystallization Reactor

Which CBD Extraction Machine Do You Need?

Our machines are suited for ethanol extraction methods. We do not supple CO2 extraction systems for hemp and cannabis oil extraction. Ethanol (alcohol) extraction is a highly-effective, cost-effective extraction method. Furthermore, ethanol-based extraction doesn’t pose high contamination risks.

Though we stick to one type of solvent for CBD extraction, we also offer a variety of machines to accomplish that purpose. The extraction systems differ in regard to the precise mechanisms that they use to extract your product. For example, our crystallization reactor relies on pressure to extract CBD. On the other hand, the extraction process for the molecular distillation system relies on extreme heat, in addition to other things. While that description only provides a cursory overview, you will find much more detail about our various extraction machines by clicking the links below:

No matter your preferred extraction technology, Cedarstone Industry can provide you with the system you desire. Our turnkey systems will help you produce more extracted oil than ever.


Centrifuge Extractor for CBD

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