Chemical Mixing Tanks For Sale

Choosing the best option for the available Chemical Mixing Tanks For Sale can be quite difficult. For one, each chemical and chemical reaction is different. If you don’t select the right tank for your mixture, the results could be dangerous or even downright deadly. Secondly, you’ll have to be certain that you can trust the tank that you select to handle your chemicals. While knowledge about the material and some of the features may be helpful, this information may not paint a complete picture. Do you trust the sturdiness and durability of your new machine? That can be difficult if your chemical storage tank was purchased from a company other than Cedarstone Industry. We’ve been building and installing chemical mixing tanks since the year 1992.

While there are many uses for our tanks, a chemical combination may have the highest stakes. Customer satisfaction is important to us no matter what. However, the impact of an unsafe chemical reaction is usually immediate. Our stainless steel tanks are suited for many chemical mixtures. Of course, you should do your own research on chemical reactions and determine whether you can use a stainless steel tank. If so, our mixing tanks are going to be your best option if you want to ensure a successful process each time.

Chemical Mixing Tanks For Sale

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How To Choose The Best Chemical Mixing Tanks For Sale

We may have the greatest range of products in the storage and mixing tank industry. Our 304 stainless steel tanks are very durable and resist corrosion. Most of our products have an entry-level option constructed with this type of steel. However, you may need a bit stronger material if you intend to primarily mix chemicals in our tanks. The 316L mixing tanks offer corrosion resistance that exceeds that of the 304 option. While the 316L stainless steel costs more than 304 stainless steel, you may need this style mixer. The 316L steel will pay for itself countless times over in successful, safe batches and quality products.

We don’t provide carbon steel, because you don’t need it. Carbon steel is an inferior product that isn’t worth the money you would save. Furthermore, carbon steel may react negatively with your chemicals. This type of steel is also vulnerable to corrosion and might be destroyed within a few chemical batches.


What capacity gallons stainless steel mixing tank do you need? While that’s a question you’ll need to ask yourself before you make a final decision, Cedarstone Industry can help you decide. However, you’ll need to know a bit about the chemical reaction that’s going to take place. What is the density and viscosity of the chemicals that will be mixed? Do the chemical expand when they come into contact with one another? Are gases released during the reaction? Capacity isn’t just about how much you can pour into the mixing tank. You’ll need to know how much total space your chemicals require. Furthermore, if your chemical reaction causes pressure buildup within the tank, you’ll need one of our ASME-certified pressure tanks.

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Would you prefer a single wall or stainless steel jacket tank? Both have different purposes. For a chemical reaction, you may need a jacketed chemical mixing tank. The double-layer jacket provides an insulative effect. This maintains the temperature and prevents heat transfer between what is inside the tank and what is outside. If your chemical mixture results in a big change in temperature, this jacket may be a requirement to ensure safety and comfort while you mix the chemicals.


Once you’ve decided what size tank you need, you’ll have to decide how you want to tank to look. This decision is about more than aesthetics. Tank appearances also have functions. A flat bottom, dish bottom, and a cone bottom tank all have great uses, for different products. Once again, you’ll have to consider the core process of the chemical reaction that you are about to perform.

In addition to bottom appearance, tanks differ in regard to opening and top appearance as well. You can find top-mounted, bottom mount, and dish top options at Cedarstone Industry. Put safety first when making your decisions about which chemical mixing tank to buy.

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Once you’ve ensured that the chemical process will be safe and controlled, you can aim your specifications towards maximizing output. Our electric controls and computerized system can help you with that. It will be vitally important for you and your team to monitor pressure, temperature, time, and other settings. With our digital control panel, there will be no guesswork involved.

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What Makes Cedarstone Industry The Best?

Cedarstone has a track record of providing long-lasting stainless steel tanks. Our tanks are food-grade and commercial-grade solutions for manufacturers in all industries. Our tanks have been used to store dry food, cooked food, beverages, oil, and much more. Pharmaceutical companies have stored and mixed medicines in our tanks.

Once the mixing process is complete, our chemical mixing tanks double as storage containers until it’s time to package your product. We can help you make the most of your available space. Our two-in-one tanks help with that. However, our design and layout experience can also help you plan a workspace that is safe for all involved. At the same time, we’ll help you maintain efficiency.

Call Cedarstone Industry today to find out more about our Chemical Mixing Tanks For Sale. We can offer a quote as you begin the search for the perfect mixer. If you can’t find just what you’re looking for, call us back and we’ll get started on a design for a tank that meets all of your specifications. For over 25 years, we’ve designed and provided personalized stain steel storage and mixing solutions for manufacturers across the nation. Let us use our experience and knowledge of specialized chemical mixing tanks to create just what you need. You can contact us today at (281) 397-3700 or online. We’re sure that you’ll see why Cedarstone Industry is your best bet when it comes to selecting a mixer that will serve your business for many years.

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