Commercial Brewing Equipment

Are you an emerging brewer in need of great commercial brewing equipment to get your new business off to a great start? If you’re certain that you need the best equipment to give yourself the best chances at success, you’re already on the right track. Some brewers who are new to the industry want to compete, but try to get by with the cheapest tools.

As a result, they usually don’t make it very far. Lower-quality commercial brewing equipment can ruin your business. A lot goes into starting a new business. When you’re in the alcoholic beverage industry, you have even more to deal with. And the competition is stiff! We know because we’ve helped many brewers, large and small, take off in the industry.

We want to extend you the same opportunity. Cedarstone Industry can fit your brewing area with a custom system perfectly suited to fulfill all of your needs. With our flexible options, you can have the brewing set up just right for you and your team. Don’t let poorly made equipment get in your way. Call Cedarstone if you want to make sure your tanks don’t tank your new business.

Commercial Brewing Equipment

2/3/4 Vessel Commercial Brewing Equipment

About Our Beer Brewing Equipment

The tools you use are just as important as your secret recipe. The equipment may be more important. Certain metal can negatively impact the taste of your beer. A poorly-constructed tank will be limited in its ability to hold pressure and keep contaminants and air out. Non-insulated tanks can result in inconsistent batches as the external temperature changes.

A lack of computerized controls can make recipe perfection a time-consuming process. Our brewing equipment is designed to reduce stress and overwhelm. We provide easy-to-use, easy to clean brewing systems. That way, you can focus on the most enjoyable aspects of running a brewery. Furthermore, you’ll produce more beer faster. Below, we’ll describe a few things that make our brewing equipment great.

Stainless Steel

All of our tanks are constructed from 304 stainless steel. If you desire, you can purchase an upgrade made of 316L stainless steel. We only make tanks out of these two types of steel because they are, by far, the strongest, most durable, and most sterile products on the market. 304 stainless steel can withstand the chemical process of fermenting and won’t alter the taste of your beer. 316L provides above-and-beyond corrosion resistance. However, the 304 stainless steel suits most brewers just fine.

Custom Adjustment

One of the aspects of our business that we’re most proud of is our ability to alter any of our tanks to meet your needs. You may see a 200-gallon tank that you like but only need 50-gallon capacity. Furthermore, your space may require a horizontal orientation or a differently-shaped bottom. Our designers and engineers can easily make both of these adjustments. In no time, you’ll have the exact commercial brewing equipment that you need to run your new business.

Industrial Brewing Equipment

Commercial Stainless Steel Brite Tanks

Types of Commercial Brewing Equipment

To start brewing beer, you’re going to need a few tools. Brewing beer requires more than a sifter and a sealable canister. You need airtight, pressure-certified tanks. Furthermore, these tanks need to have valves and fittings that can withstand the process of fermentation. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you have the necessary equipment for each function in the brewing process. Mashing, fermenting, finalizing, bottling, and more each require different pieces of equipment. Luckily, we have everything you need at Cedarstone Industry.

Fermentation Tank

In the fermentation tank, the yeast reacts with the wort. During this stage in the process, ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide gas are produced. You’ll need to measure the gravity of the mixture to determine the alcohol content and thus when it’s time to move on to the next step. Our fermentation tanks are designed to make the fermentation process fast, simple, and foolproof.

Furthermore, we can help you learn how to use your new tools, and we’ll be here if you have any questions or concerns about your equipment later down the line. Our ASME-certified fermentation tanks can hold the carbon dioxide gas so that your beer retains its carbonation. When you’re ready to release the gas, all you have to do is open a valve. Outside air won’t make its way into the tank, so your beverage will stay crisp.

Brite Tank

After fermentation, your beer will move to the Brite tank. In the Brite tank, you can make final adjustments. You don’t want to finalize your beer inside the fermentation tank. Instead, you should clean the fermentation tank and prepare it for the next brew. Your beer will be safely stored in the Brite tank until it is time to bottle the beverage.

Extraction Equipment

Automatic US Made Control- Siemens Touch Screen

Keg Washer

Our keg washes are available in different sizes, to correlate with the size of your brewery and how many kegs you need clean. Don’t forget to clean your kegs regularly! If you skip this important step, customers will notice a change in quality from one drink to the next. When beer is served from a clean keg, your customer will get fresh beer.

Our keg washers range in function as well. While we provide manual options, you can also purchase a semi-automatic washer from us as well. If you have any questions about the size and functionality of our keg washers, feel free to give us a call. Finding the right keg washer is as important as all of your other brewing equipment.

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    I've ordered stainless cuts from different companies but these are by far some of the most smoothest and precise cuts I've ever gotten for a great price … read more too and it was from from this company. Im building a custom exhaust and so far their product is worth every penny. Thanks Cedarstone really I mean that 100%
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    Very fast service and delivery. Great products. Will buy from them again! 🤘
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