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Getting your milk cooled and stored safely is important, do you need new dairy cooling tanks for your milk? If you are working on a large scale or even small scale farm, storing milk is essential. It is the difference between profiting and going under. Additionally, it will be all pointless if the milk cannot be stored properly because even if it hasn’t perished, it is only allowed to be sold under certain specifications. If the requirements are not met, then there will be no approval from the ate and therefore you will also lose time and money on this investment. That’s why we want to showcase some of the benefits of our particular cooling tanks and explain how they can benefit you or the company you work in.

State Law Requires Temperature Control

It may be easy to believe that the food industry has applied a very strenuous standard for milk. After all, there are so many other foods with the same strict requirements, and it is for a good reason. The food has to be secure and safe for consumption chances are, it won’t be sold on the same day that it was produced. Unless there is a cow in the back of the restaurant, and even then it may not be desirable. That is why the state makes a demand that the milk is transferred in under 48 hours of it being taken from the cows. It must be safe and protected from perishing before it reaches the consumers.

As a result, a tank for storage is imperative. Especially if you have a large scale farm and over 1000s of cows to get milk from. This window of time is, therefore, a critical period that the storage tank can account for. It provides a centralized location for all of the milk to go before it is put onto the tankers. Organization like this is imperative when time is not on your side.

Stainless Steel Tanks and Systems

Durable Stainless Steel Vertical Tanks And Systems

It gets a little more detailed than this, though. This is why you will have such success with milk cooling tanks as well. That is because the state also requires that the milk is at exactly 45 degrees when entering the tanker. This is important as it lends to the preservation of the milk when it goes on long trips. Having a tank that not only stores but cools the milk is a huge benefit and can help keep the project within the time frame, too.

Customize Our Dairy Cooling Tanks To Make Them Smart!

One of the biggest benefits that our tanks offer is our customizable options. We can make them with sensors and software that can actively maintain temperature. They have sensors built into them that recognize the volume that is in the tank and works to keep the same temperature even if that volume shifts. It will work harder or reduce the work if the load reduces.

This is a great help for time-sensitive jobs that cannot keep oversight on the cooling aspects of milk storage. Especially when there are large volumes of milk to account for, it can help avoid any of the issues that might come with in-direct loading. You can save money and time by keeping your goods safe through this route. It ensures that there is less vulnerability to human error. One of the biggest causes of problems the world has ever known. Whether it’s for milk or wine, Cedarstone Industry has you covered.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Wherever you are, we have the milk cooling tank for you. However, it may be of a different size if you need more or less volume. This is due to the number of cows that you typically oversee. If you are on an industrial farm, it may be a much larger number than your small local farms. This is why we offer different sizing options so that you won’t be paying for a size that you can’t use or even fit into your property.

Horizontal Bulk Milk Cooling Tanks

A horizontal facing milk tank will be ideal for large farms. They can contain mass amounts of milk and support 1000s of cows, which is a great option for some of the more corporate farms that continuously mass-produce milk. They are going to be placed on their side as you may have guessed and will face horizontally. The result is a larger surface area for milk collection, and while it may take up more surface area, it well worth the volume it can take.

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Stainless Steel Vertical Tanks

Vertical Dairy Cooling Tanks

Whenever you are working on a smaller scale, but still formidable size, you should opt for a vertical tank. This borrows the concept of towers in the city which use space above to expand rather than moving outwards. This is a smaller sized tank, but it will be perfect for slightly less volume and less space as well. If you don’t have the amount of space to fit the horizontal options, then a vertical option will support your needs and fit the dimensions you can operate in.

Small Size Dairy Cooling Tanks

When you need a high-quality cooling system for your dairy farm, but you don’t need a large scale farm tank, we can still help. Our bulk tank for smaller sizes is a milk cooler vat that can do the job without worry. These are options for farms that deal with only a small number of cows. Our bulk milk tanks will ensure raw milk quality regardless of the size. Save operating costs and get condensing units with the proper cooling process. Given the requirements of the state, it is still an efficient way of meeting the demands of the industry. Our stainless steel bulk tanks will certainly do the trick!

Sanitary Clamp

We use sanitary clamps or fittings on all of our tanks!

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Getting dairy cooling tanks for your farm will do wonders. The result can mean that you get larger volumes out to market. It can also mean that you now have a safe method to get your milk to market. Whatever your requirements are for a cooling tank, we can accommodate your needs. We’re proud to supply small and large business owners alike and ensure that their products are safe in our tanks. All of our options are customizable as well! You can reach us at (281) 397-3700 or visit our website to learn more. We are always happy to help another client keep their business running!


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