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When you hear the words, “ethanol extraction machine,” think Cedarstone Industry. Our business is a primary distributor for brewing tanks and commercial beer equipment. Ethanol is a simple alcohol compound. The element can be found in yeast, cider, wine, and other products. Fermentation of sugars by yeast is what produces this element or via petrochemical processes.

Ethanol Extraction Process

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Because of its pure nature, it has many uses. Before talking about Cedarstone Industry‘s extraction machine for ethanol, it’s essential to know about the compound first. Without further to do, let’s dive into some details and look at the attributes it has.

Ethanol’s Origin

Ethanol comes from starch and starch-based products. Fermentation of ethanol comes from corn, wheat, grain, barley, potatoes, and more! Because of the abundance of corn, the United States extracts most of its ethanol is from corn. This concept is also important because a lot of what we consume contains ethanol. Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat?” Well, corn-fed chickens are served to Americans every day. Meaning, the ethanol they eat is inside of us. Yep! We not only consume it through production. We also intake ethanol through our meat. I guess you can say we’re also part ethanol.

Have you ever pumped gas and notice a message stating, “contains 10% ethanol”? A lot of gas stations usually have 10 percent ethanol to go with the 90 percent gas you pump in your vehicle. As you can probably tell, ethanol has multiple uses in our way of life. It is a plant material crucial in our ordinary day-to-day activity we don’t even recognize we consume.

In plants containing ethanol, it is produced by finely grinding corn kernels into small particles. Next, you add water and enzymes to the grounded corn for fermentation. Next, the mixture, also named mash, is cooked o further break down the starch. Then, the mash becomes cooled before adding glucoamylase, turning the liquid starch into sugar. Furthermore, yeast is added to create ethanol and carbon dioxide. After two days, fermentation is complete, and the second heating begins afterward. In the heating process, ethanol evaporates into a vapor that is collected. The vapor is condensed into a liquid with further dehydration to remove excess water.

Ethanol Extraction Machine

Okay, what does this have to do with the ethanol extraction machine? The machine can perform the process at a much faster rate, conserve energy, and save time by producing higher yields. Ethanol extraction equipment is designed to extract ethanol from plants at a much higher rate. Cedarstone Industry has perfected the extraction process with the utilization of their machine.

What we sell is efficiency. Efficiency is an essential aspect of commercial producers. As we discussed, ethanol is a multi-purpose compound, which means many uses for multiple industries. Our high efficient yield ethanol extractors make us one of the leading manufacturers for the compound on a large scale. The extraction machine even removes solvents that can be tedious in the traditional process of the plant extraction.

Our ethanol extraction systems are the best way to extract CBD for commercial purposes. Vendors requiring ethanol for their products are abundant. Some companies already supply our machines. These industries include Coca-Cola, Global Beerco USA, Heineken, and other firms in other countries. Due to our experience of over 20 years, we have a thorough knowledge of our products. We handle all inquiries professionally and efficiently.

How Extraction Works



There are different types of extraction methods. Such methods range from reflux, or specific ones concerning cold wash techniques. We can’t possibly go over them all in such a limited time. In that case, let’s discuss one. Let’s talk about a system compatible with cold extraction. The cold finger extraction method goes into several steps while generating the machine. These steps include:

  1. Steam Distillation – Steam distillation is used to capture Terpenes. Terpenes are a diverse compound giving plants a pungent odor. When Terpenes are produced by plants, the smell deters herbivores and attracts predators of those herbivores. A little fun fact just in case you were curious.
  2. Vacuum Pump – Using a vacuum pump can reduce energy usage and allow for lower temperatures.
  3. Shower Extraction – During this step, the solvent you use showers over the basket of the herb for a quick extraction.
  4. Solvent Recovery – When you’re in this process, use an inverted condenser inside a boiling chamber under vacuum. It uses less energy and allows distillation to cycle faster.
  5. Filtration – When you run the extracted herb through a lenticular carbon filter, the green turns to gold. It gives the ethanol substance a look you are familiar with.

Of course, this is a brief overview of what our machines can truly do. Even at freezing temperatures, ethanol can selectively extract specific terpenes, leaving other molecules behind. What our machines do is make the process more efficient. The ethanol extraction works our machines produce unparalleled. Alcohol extraction, in itself, requires patience and care. Our products excel at both while saving you time and giving you more!

Cedarstone’s Ethanol Extraction

Believe it or not, we only scratched the surface to our machine’s capability. If you need the production of ethanol on a large scale, consider buying our extraction machines. Our top of the line product comes with:

  • Primary and Secondary Cooling Ethanol Tank
  • Extraction Tank
  • Single Filter
  • Storage Tank for Extracted Liquid
  • Ethanol Recovery Concentrator
  • Storage Tank for Concentrated Liquid
  • Recycling Ethanol Storage Tank
  • Ethanol Distillation Tower
  • Concentrated Ethanol Tank
  • Ethanol Pumps
  • Concentrate Pump
  • Extract Pump

However, we not only sell quantity with our machines but quality. We assure you’ll have the best of both worlds when working with our business. If you’d like to contact us, please call (281) 397-3700 for more of the services we provide. Yes, you heard, right! We offer even more services.

Cedarstone Industry is proudly certified by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). We do brewing tanks, food processing equipment, mixing tanks, and much more! Excelling in the knowledge of our products and craft is some of our primary skills. Don’t hesitate to get your new ethanol extraction machine today.

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