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Cedarstone Industry fabricates a wide variety of ethanol extraction machines for commercial cannabis extraction. Therefore, if you are in search of a high-quality machine for your business, you’re in luck. Because we offer different types of extraction equipment, you have more choices regarding which would work best for you. The decision may be based on several factors. Specifically, the method that you wish to undergo should be taken into consideration. Also consider your price range, the final substance you need, and its intended purpose. Regardless of what you decide upon, you’ll find that Cedarstone Industry has equipment suited for your purposes. Better yet, we can manufacture units and tanks in different sizes. This gives you the opportunity to create a setup that is perfectly integrated into your workspace. Keep reading below to learn more about what we offer and how we can help you grow your business.

Cannabis Extraction Machine

Stainless Steel Extraction Equipment

About Our Ethanol Extraction Machines

While there are some differences in our machines, they are all the same high-quality systems that you can depend on. We only use the highest grades of stainless steel to construct all of our equipment, down to the smallest pipe fitting. Our exclusive use of 304 and 316L stainless steel, depending on the component, provides many benefits. The material itself is strong, durable, and resists rust and corrosion. Therefore, our equipment has impressive longevity. Beyond that, we design our equipment to also function well in practically any setting. Cedarstone Industry tanks are used in the production of medicinal, food-grade, and other sensitive products. The stainless steel construction, insulation jacketing, and sanitary design ensures that your products won’t be contaminated.

Centrifuge Extractor

In short, the centrifuge extractor mixes liquids outside of the rotor and separates the liquids in the field of gravity inside the rotor. As a result, the substance is extracted from one liquid phase to another. What you’re left with is your intended product, besides the follow-up steps you take after the process is complete. Our centrifuge machine performs high-speed, low-temperature extraction. Furthermore, the unit features a touchscreen and automatic valves, for increased ease of use.

Molecular Distiller

Our molecular distillation system can selectively distill various substances, from essential oils to cannabinoids. Additionally, this system provides a built-in purification capability. Like our other equipment, we fit the distillation system with electronic controls to automate use and increase productivity.

Crystallization Reactor

If you need to crystallize your substance at any point in the extraction process, consider using the Cedarstone Industry crystallization reactor. After all, we can adjust the settings on this equipment to meet your precise agitation requirements.

Chromatography Equipment

For the most precise extraction, you may need chromatography equipment. This machine breaks components down to the microscopic level. Additionally, the unit meets all applicable standards for commercial food-grade use and offers you the ability to extract and purify your oils quickly.

Cannabis Extraction Machine

Crystallization Reactor

We Sell Turn-key Systems

Extraction systems can be quite complex. Cedarstone Industry makes it easy to start or resume production. Our turn-key systems are ready to use and have everything you need to extract CBD. We provide the necessary storage tanks, pumps, filters, and other needed components. Furthermore, we can manufacture these products to fit your individual size requirements. No matter how large or small your system, your ethanol extractors will be built with stainless steel and put together only using sanitary fittings. Furthermore, we build our tanks with no dead corners—this makes them easy to clean, cutting prep time between batches. Our electronic controls make it easier for you to produce consistent, high-quality batches.

Alcohol extraction equipment is complicated enough; don’t waste additional time trying to put together an entire system by yourself. Cedarstone Industry’s turnkey solutions are perfect for the cannabis oil extraction team that’s ready to get to work!

Why Choose Ethanol Extraction?

There are many different ways that a company might extract CBD from the cannabis plant. Various solvents can possibly get the job done, even water. However, that doesn’t mean that all of those methods should be looked upon equally. At Cedarstone Industry, we create ethanol extraction equipment because we believe it to be the best.

That being said, there are benefits to the other methods. However, we think that the benefits of ethanol extraction far outweigh the others. Ethanol extraction does carry its own risks. However, our safety equipment, combined with your diligence and training, will reduce those risks. Automated settings applied to your machine can help you regulate what’s happening inside the tanks. Fortunately, that prevents an issue such as a fire from escalating.

Ethanol extraction produces high yields, has a low risk of contamination, and comes in at an excellent price point. Most producers in the cannabis industry benefit from using ethanol as an extraction method. We can build tanks to help you supply massive, or moderate, demand.

What are the Other Extraction Methods?

Other common methods of extraction include carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction and butane (propane) extraction. The former tends to be highly expensive, and the latter tends to produce contaminated products. Overall, it’s faster and more reasonable to invest in a great ethanol extraction machine. Rather than bother with either of these methods, consider one of the many methods of alcohol extraction listed above. Your products will be fit for medicinal or food-grade use!

Taper Extraction Tank

Extraction Tanks

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When extracting THC and CBD, you need equipment that you can rely on to accomplish the task at hand. That’s Cedarstone Industry Ethanol Extraction Machines. Our high-quality equipment will serve your business well for years to come. Plus, as a custom tanks builder, we can adjust your setup as your business grows. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment. We can help you determine the best system, and the right size, for your production needs. Call us today at (281) 397-3700 or contact us online using our web form to get started. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our equipment, and we’ll build the best stainless steel tank for your business!

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