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Cedarstone Industry is the world’s leading manufacturer dealing with equipment for ethanol THC extraction. THC is a psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Cannabis uses for a lot more than recreational drug use. THC oils are popularly used in the medical field. Due to this reason, it is essential to extract as much of the good properties from cannabis as possible.

It is a thorough series of steps requiring attention all the way through if done traditionally. Luckily for you, our extraction mechanisms multiply the speed of the process. However, we don’t sacrifice quality for speed. Our products ensure both attributes. Doing business since 1992, Cedarstone Industry has been the world’s leading company in manufacturing.

Hopefully, by reading about some of the features of our product, you’ll see why. We don’t cut corners when it comes to providing you more service for your line of business. Think of us as assisting innovators in the commercial industry. Transforming your production line and business experience is our primary focuses.

Ethanol THC Extraction

Ethanol, in general, is a widely used component for everyday use. You use it for your vehicle every day to go to work. Most gas stations fuel pumps contain 10 percent ethanol while the other 90 percent is gas. It is a mixture used for supplying your needs and consumption. As you can imagine, such properties produce on a large scale. If you’re a commercial producer looking for equipment to produce ethanol, we’re the ones to contact.

The compound is also a variety of medications to treat patients. Can you imagine today without prescriptions to resolve your medical issues? It would be a nightmare. Death rates would increase, and illnesses would occur more often. Such an outcome, we’re sure, is not favored by anyone. Our industry sympathizes with the importance of our products. This urgency is one of the primary reasons we take our extraction equipment distribution seriously. The last thing anyone wants is not to have access to the products they need.

Ethanol is also responsible for products containing alcohol. Both cannabis and ethanol provide the intoxicated feeling, depending on your consumption level. They have a psychoactive drug. We all know, many people drink for that very reason. It’d be pretty lame to drink wine and not get a buzz from it. In that case, you might as well drink the juice.

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When it comes to ethanol, our machines utilize their attributes by filtering solvents like cannabinoids and terpenes faster. Our extraction methods our devices implement result in higher quality and efficiency. These actions are no different when it comes to cannabis. Our cannabis industry centers on extracting marijuana from the plant matrix. Our machines allow for a purer extract process than other methods.

Because of its efficient pull of cannabis extract, cannabis oil produces at a higher quality. Isolating specific compounds can be difficult. With cannabis, one hundred and thirteen cannabinoids are contained inside it, including cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. If you were to extract cannabis from its plant without isolating specific compounds, about five hundred and fifty chemicals are included with it.

Needless to say, it is an in-depth process depending on skill for a good, final product. Extracting cannabinoids is no easy task. Our allow you to save time and is proficient in the process. What does ethanol have to do with it, you ask? Let’s get a little deeper into ethanol THC extraction for you to understand the techniques used a little clearer.

Ethanol and THC

Several forms of cannabis extraction rely on an alcohol solvent. Remember what ethanol is? Yep, you got it! It is alcohol. The cannabis soaks in alcohol (or ethanol typically) while the plant material is removed. As you have probably surmised, they work in conjunction with each other. The liquid is then filtered, and alcohol is removed with a form of evaporation.

One of the major difficulties in this method is the polarity of the solvent. This polarity causes ethanol to mix with water and dissolve water-soluble molecules like chlorophyll. Obviously, removing chlorophyll aids the process as it gives the extract an undesirable flavor. The alcohol extract must be as pure as 80 percent or higher to meet normal standards.

Now that we know what THC is, how does this differ from CBD? As previously discussed, THC is a psychoactive compound that can be found in marijuana, giving you the “euphoric sensation.” CBD has the exact molecular structure but arranged differently, thus differing effects. This makes CBD essentially a nonpsychoactive compound, opposite to THC. In fact, CBD can bind with THC and interfere with THC’s psychoactive effects. In short, if you need psychoactive effects present in your product, getting the best ethanol extractions of cannabis is beneficial.

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Since you know both THC and CBD, you can hopefully see the full spectrum of our machine capabilities. We are the United States manufacturer of closed-loop extraction systems. Ethanol THC extraction is a very high demand process. The less time involved in producing high extracts for products, the better. You can better serve your customers in your commercial business with our help.

Our machines are also a safe method of cannabis oil hemp extraction technology. If you are new to this information, hemp plants are also cannabis plants. THC and CBD can be extracted from hemp, though less than 0.3 percent of THC can be found in hemp. However, an abundant supply of THC can vibe found in marijuana plants. Due to our machines’ top of the line features, it is more efficient than CO2 supercritical extraction.

The machines we provide for extraction are centrifuge extractor machines. Our devices are scientifically designed and manufactured for safely conducting high-speed operations. Plus, they are easy to operate, maintain, and configure to your requirements. If you’d like to hear more about our revolutionary products, call (281) 397-3700. We not only sell extraction machines but much more! Our services are not only limited to extraction either. Inquire about more of your manufacturing needs by taking a look at our brewing system tanks! We excel in ethanol THC extraction and other areas in the industry.

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