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Companies in search of a high-pressure vessel should give Cedarstone Industry a call. Since 1992, Cedarstone Industry has designed, built, and installed pressure vessels for companies in a range of industries. The products that have been stored in our tanks range from water to pharmaceutical products. That being said, we offer customized designed to accommodate such a range of needs and products. If you need pressure equipment, chances are that you need a company that can construct a unique storage or manufacturing system for your business. Thus, you need the assistance of Cedarstone Industry. We would love to help you develop a new manufacturing solution for your company.

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ASME-certified Tanks

What Is a High-Pressure Vessel?

All of our vessels meet ASME code, so our tanks can withstand any process that requires pressure. Furthermore, our ASME-approved tanks are a must for worker safety and help ensure the quality of your products. Additionally, with a certified tank, you can be sure that any issues with your batches aren’t a result of an ineffective tank or inadequate pressure. Fortunately, we have many different types of tanks. This means that if your product requires a specific cooking process, we have tanks that can perform that specific action.

Below, we’ll discuss our different types of pressure tanks and the varied functions that they serve. If you aren’t sure which specific types of pressure vessels you need for your product, you can always call us for more information. In many cases, more than one vertical tank can do the trick. However, we know just the right system to help you maximize productivity and increase your business earnings.

Fermentation Tanks

Many breweries, large and small, rely on Cedarstone Industry fermentation tanks. Our tanks are built with the latest technology and the best valves and fittings to ensure a great batch of beer every time. The production of beer requires pressure, and our tanks are the perfect environment for wort and yeast to react. These pressure vessels designed to hold the carbon dioxide gases can also be fitted with digital displays that monitor liquid level and more, which makes recipe creation and alteration faster than ever.

Mixing Tanks

Depending on what product you intend to manufacturer inside your new mixing tank, you might require that this piece of equipment can withstand pressure. However, even if it’s not a necessity, the pressurized tank can provide many benefits. You can adjust many settings on our mixing tanks, from temperature to agitation speed. Our mixers have been used for a variety of applications, including food, chemicals, and medicines. Furthermore, these tanks can double as storage vessels if you need to save space.

Our Crystallization Reactors Are Build For High Pressure

Food Processing

For food manufacturers or companies who need their vessels to also perform cooking functions, we provide two options. The first piece of equipment is our steam cooker cooler. These vessels can cook food through a variety of means, from browning to keeping foods warm. The other food processor, the steam jacket kettle, is built to withstand major changes in temperatures and pressures while mixing your product. In either case, these pressure vessels are designed to utilize pressure to maximize output. Both the steam cooker cooler and the steam jacket kettle use pressure to cook products much faster than possible on a stovetop. Furthermore, the jackets permit far greater batch consistently than you would find in other pieces of cooking equipment.

Crystallization Reactors

While many of our products can store and mix chemicals, you might need a reactor in particular. Like our other pressure equipment, our crystallization reactor is certified by the ASME. We design pressure vessels such as this in various capacities, so you only have to take up as much space as you need.

About Our Equipment

It’s not only the range of products that we offer that makes Cedarstone Industry great. It’s also the caliber of the product that we provide. For one, we only use stainless steel to construct our products, from the largest storage tank to the smallest relief valves. Carbon steel, iron, copper, or aluminum won’t offer the same durability as stainless steel. Furthermore, those metals might alter the color or taste of your final product. Cedarstone Industry designs and manufactures equipment out of the two finest grades of stainless steel only, so you don’t run into any of those issues with our products.

Our equipment is also designed for increased efficiency. We make cleaning easy, so you can get back to what’s most important for your business. Furthermore, our digital measurement tools can make production even faster. Lastly, the quality of our equipment saves a lot of time over the years. If you’d had to constantly troubleshoot and repair past vessels, you’ll notice how much easier it is to use and maintain Cedarstone Industry vessels.

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High-Pressure Steam Jacketed Kettle

Custom Design

No matter what type of pressure vessel you need, you more than likely need a custom option. Custom doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it seems. You can start with one of our base models, and we add as few or as many adjustments as you need. The most common alteration we make is to size. No two manufacturing spaces are the same. We can change the orientation or the capacity of your tank. If you’re concerned that the tank you need won’t fit into your space, give us a call. We can create a solution for you, and even provide outdoor tanks for companies with severely limited indoor space.

Other adjustments include the addition of a clean-in-place system. Additionally, we can install other automated or electronic features. If you want to upgrade from our 304 stainless steel to our 316L stainless steel option, we can create the tank you desire. In sum, we can make any necessary adjustments, large or small. Pick the vessel you need, based on function. Then we’ll construct a vessel with the capacity and features you need.

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