Industrial Stainless Steel Diesel Tanks

Are you on the market for industrial stainless steel diesel tanks? These particular tanks are very useful for the storage and preservation of natural gases and refined substances from crude oil. There are many different options for customization when it comes to these types of substances. That’s due to the amount of precision you have to maintain to ensure they are kept in the best condition.

After all, these compounds are not only highly valued, they are destructive as well. If you don’t take the proper precautions — beginning with advanced technology — then you may come to regret it. Our goal is to provide information and awareness for clients who are considering tanks for diesel. Hopefully, you will find our advice insightful!

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What Size Do You Need?

You can differ a lot in size for your oil storage tank. This is due to the size alternatives that some businesses can choose and the various needs for which a tank is needed. In the case of crude oil, the storage is generally waiting for refining. In general, this implies that you need to store big amounts for a short period of time.

Insulated and Refrigerated Industrial Stainless Steel Diesel Tanks

These tanks will have a full shell made of 304/316 stainless steel. This is a better option to avoid any of the water issues that might cause rust. It is 9 gauge (0.15625“)/4mm thick and has a food-grade #4 finish. this is complemented by the exterior which is made of 304 stainless steel and 14 gauge (0.078125“)/2mm thick. The external side will have a mirror-like finish and insulation made of polyurethane. We mandate that all tanks are made with a minimum 3″ thick shell. We also have options for the location of the man-ways that you can customize.

These tanks are fitted with sanitary clamps for points of entry and exit. We will also provide extra system monitoring and safety characteristics for your storage tanks if need be. Cedarstone Industry wants to make sure you have the utmost protection, especially since crude oil is such a volatile and dangerous substance. Therefore, we seek to aid preservation by the use of refrigeration within the tank. This way, you can regulate the climate without a threat of exposure or degradation.

Single Wall Industrial Stainless Steel Diesel Tanks

The same 304/316 stainless steel frame used for our double layer tanks will also be in the single wall containment chambers. This is better than the typical carbon steel that other petroleum reservoirs have. Sadly, the isolation has not been introduced, but it should be chosen as an alternative. It has an inner seal #4 like the other reservoir and an external 2B screen. You still have efficient techniques of command of temperature in this manner. Ask our agents for a further personalization to which these specific reservoirs can be applied.

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Storage Advice

As many know, diesel is a highly flammable and explosive substance. It is dangerous to the environment and harmful to humans unless it is correctly treated and preserved. To prevent unwanted accidents or threatening circumstances, children and animals should not have access to transport reservoirs. Whether it’s for diesel or wine fermentation, our industrial stainless steel diesel tanks are the best for every task.

It should only be adults that are granted access. These reservoirs deserve to have the utmost control and regulation as there are very temperamental components that need attentive oversight. Therefore, only those who need to have access to the reservoirs for fueling or servicing. As is the case for all diesel fuel, it should be kept in an isolated region of the property that is free from heavy sunlight or intense levels of moisture.

While our pieces are made of stainless steel and therefore do not rust, it is important to keep the water away from the container at all costs. Buildup not only encourages insect and bacterial growth, but it can invite other problems with the quality of the diesel as well. The bacteria growth within the oil itself will cause premature degradation of diesel fuel, which is a poor outcome for company objectives. Our tanks can protect against these sorts of issues frequently.

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Flammable & Dangerous 

It is essential to keep the diesel free from flammable sources that could cause ignition. While diesel is less flammable than regular gasoline, it can certainly combust and cause very extreme problems. That is why you should consider placing the storage tanks in areas that are not near electrical appliances or intense heat.

To protect the diesel fuel, even though it is technically more stable, you have to make sure these precautions are taken when storing in a warehouse or transporting them to different locations. While the storage system may support the long term protection, the inherent problem with oil-based liquids is they are subject to degradation. If diesel degrades, like natural gas, it makes a gum that is not usable in the engines and therefore useless for some of the primary dependent branches of petroleum.

In a controlled climate, diesel fuel can be stored for up to 6 and perhaps even 12 months. At any point, after that, there will be issues with reactions to oxygen. As the oxidation takes effect, this will also cause degradation effects like gumming. Because of this gummy texture, it will end up clogging fuel lines and causing very big problems for your engine. You will find that there are going to be layers of soot and carbon lining the inside of your engine. This is a result of aged diesel fuel that shouldn’t be for the public. Our storage tanks will ensure that issues like this are avoided.

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