Stainless Steel Chemical Storage Tanks

The Stainless Steel Chemical Storage Tanks at Cedarstone Industry are one of a kind. Literally. We create custom tanks for commercial and industrial use on a daily basis. If you need chemical tanks for your business needs, call us. From 30 gallons to 30,000 gallons, we have the materials and the manpower to design and build the tank you need. Furthermore, we have many years of experience. We’ve worked in a variety of industries and provide solutions for many companies. From water to pharmaceutical products, our stainless steel tanks are built to hold and maintain the quality of practically any product.

If you need to store and mix chemicals, you know how important it is to find tanks that can withstand the chemical reaction that is about to take place. You have to keep yourself and all others involved safe and healthy. Whether the chemical reaction is a result of beer fermentation or you’re working with dangerous substances, you need Cedarstone Industry stainless storage tanks. We’re unmatched in terms of quality, durability, customization, and customer service.

Stainless Steel Interior Mixers

Stainless Steel Interior Mixers

What To Look For In Stainless Steel Chemical Storage Tanks

Having proper storage is vital in maintaining the quality of your product in the long term. The decision about which chemical tanks to buy can cause quite some stress. The wrong decision could cost you thousands of dollars, or even someone’s life. We construct our stainless steel storage tanks out of the finest materials. Furthermore, our design and engineers have years of experience crafting durable products. Our products allow for a safe, contained reaction every single time.

Cedarstone Industry manufactures and supplies various types of insulated storage tanks, Our storage tanks can come with a cooling/heating jacket, but they also come in single wall tanks without insulation and jacket. Our tanks have been used in breweries, wineries, pharmaceutical industry, dairy, chemical, food, and cosmetic fields. Furthermore, our storage tanks are constructed with either 304 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel. The reason for this is for more corrosion resistance depending on the application.

Stainless Steel

We don’t use carbon steel, aluminum, copper, metal blends, metallic-coated substances, iron, or any other inferior product. If your product has a chemical process to undergo, you need our grade-A stainless steel. More importantly, you need 304 stainless steel, at least. Don’t rely on stainless steel types that start with the number 2, or even 303 stainless steel. Any metal besides 304 stainless steel just won’t offer the same corrosion protection, If your chemicals are reacting and could damage the tank, you don’t need to waste money on a tank that won’t stand up to the test. For superior resistance, purchase the more expensive 316L stainless tanks. Yes, this option costs more, but the added protection and peace of mind will be well worth it.

Pressure Tanks

When chemicals react with one another or even with the air, they can expand or alter in various ways. You need a tank that can withstand the changes in pressure. Furthermore, it’s even better if you can find tanks that allow you to release that added pressure without permitting unwanted particles or air to enter the batch. Our chemical storage tanks are certified according to ASME standards. That means that these tanks can withstand pressurization. You can also purchase tanks that allow for pressure release, and options with monitors. You’ll always know what’s happening inside the storage tank and can make adjustments from the outside.

Food Grade

You may not mix food in your chemical tanks, but we think it’s important to mention that or storage tanks are food grade. Food is one of the most regulated industries in this country. As such, you can be confident that a food-grade piece of equipment won’t alter your chemical negatively. Our food-grade stainless steel tanks will ensure that you get just the reaction you were expecting.

High-Quality Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel

Our tanks can offer storage support for many different chemicals and substances.

Other Tanks

Chemical storage tanks are designed to hold your product until it’s time for packaging and delivery to the consumer. However, you might need to do more than hold your product. Fortunately, we also offer different types of tanks that serve different functions. For example, our mixing tanks can be used for chemical reactions with two or more chemicals. On the other hand, some of the brewing equipment might serve those same needs. Beer fermentation is, in fact, a chemical process. Speak with us about your unique storage or mixing needs, and we’ll let you know how we can help. Our chemical mixing tanks also double as storage tanks until you’re ready to transfer your product.

Customization Options

Even if you know exactly what you need, we might be able to transform your vision. With nearly endless customization options for our storage tanks, you can be confident that you’ll get exactly what you need when you shop with Cedarstone Industry. We can create the exact size capacity tank you need. We can also adjust the bottom shape. For example, a flat bottom storage tank can save space, but a cone bottom tank can make pumping and packaging easier. If you aren’t sure which customization options would be best for your business and product, we can help. We’ve seen it all and we know what works best for many different types of products.

When you’ve made your selection, we can install your new products for you. We’ll work with the space we’re given. If provided with an accurate description of your available space, we can design tanks that fit perfectly into your workspace. If you’re limited in regards to indoor space, consider our outdoor storage tanks. No matter where you want your tanks placed, we will do so in a way that doesn’t put anyone’s safety at risk. At best, we can even optimize efficiency with a superior floor plan that allows you and your team to get around quickly and work in sync.

Stainless Steel Tank Manufacturing

Custom Stainless Steel Chemical Storage Tanks

Call Cedarstone Industry!

Of course, there’s a lot to consider before you purchase a chemical storage tank. There are a lot of different options to consider, especially when you shop with Cedarstone Industry. Fortunately, we can help you through the entire selection process. Our experienced experts will help you make the right decision for your business. However, you’ll probably need to do some research before you give us a call. You probably know a lot of this information already.

If you aren’t sure, we’ll try to help you as best as we can. However, to make the safest chemical tank decision, we need to know the specifics about your chemical reaction? What changes in volume or pressure occur? How much empty space do you need in the tank? Once you have the details about your chemical process, give us a call at (281) 397-3700 and we can get started. Alternatively, contact us online for more details. We’re ready to help you find your perfect Stainless Steel Chemical Storage Tanks!

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