Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks

If you need Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks for commercial use, contact Cedarstone Industry today. Since 1992, Cedarstone Industry has built stainless steel tanks for a variety of purposes and industries. Some of the products that have been mixed and manufactured in our tanks include:

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Dairy
  • Water
  • Dry Food
  • Pasta
  • Coffee Beas
  • Seasonings
  • Medicines
  • Oil

If you have a pump-able product, we’re confident that it would be best mixed and stored in our mixers. While we don’t offer portable mixing options, we’re sure you won’t need one anymore. With our CIP systems, you don’t even have to move your mixing tank again. CIP stands for clean-in-place and refers to a spray ball installed in each of our tanks or mixers. This spray ball can reach 100% of the area on the inside of each vessel. This allows for superior cleaning with much less effort required. No longer will you have to drag your mixer outdoors and spray it down with a hose, or climb inside of it to give it a deep scrub. Additionally, our ergonomic designs allow for waste reduction. The smooth edges prevent product buildup. Not only will you get more of your product out of each batch, but you’ll also have less to clean each time.

Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks

Open Top Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks

Types of Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks

Many different types of stainless steel mixing tanks are on the market, to suit individual needs. However, no matter how hard you search, you might not find the perfect mixing tank for your business. That’s why Cedarstone Industry builds custom mixing tanks for business. Customize just about any feature on our tanks with our one-of-a-kind build options. We’ve constructed a wide variety of mixing tanks over the years and have nearly limitless options to choose from. If you have a very specific mixer in mind, call us to get started on your new mixers.

Stainless Steel Mixers

All of our mixers come in 304 stainless steel. This material is the second-best when it comes to maintaining the quality and integrity of your product. However, we don’t mean that as an insult. The only material that outperforms 304 stainless steel is 316L stainless steel. Meaning, you really can’t go wrong with 304. However, if you’re concerned about corrosion or need to mix strong chemicals, you might need 316L stainless steel. Fortunately, Cedarstone Industry also builds tanks with 316L stainless steel, upon request. But if you don’t have a specific need for this more expensive option, the 304 stainless steel will prove very durable.

We only offer the two finest grades of stainless steel for a reason. If you ask any of our past clients about us, they’ll probably remark upon our great customer service. Customer service starts with a great product. We have an obligation to build you the best mixers that we possibly can. And we do so. Then we follow up with interpersonal service. Our professional installation and one-on-one support make a great product even better, years and years after it’s been in use.

Industrial Mixer

Single Wall or Dimple Jacket Mixer

Stainless Steel Mixer Features

Our stainless steel mixers come with a variety of functions, based upon the needs of each business. For example, mixers may vary according to heating and cooling function. Additionally, the mixers may have either a dish bottom, cone bottom, or flat bottom. Most of these specifications depend on the type of product you intend to mix in the tank. However, other features can be selected based on preference. For example, what do you think of a mixer with a control panel? While some business owners may think of this amenity as completely unnecessary, others require it for quality assurance and recipe consistency. We utilize computerized programs to ensure that we design and build the optimal tanks for your business. However, you can choose which digital features are added to your mixing vessel.

While you have the choice of whether to add certain digital components, we have a few non-negotiable specifications for our tanks. Fortunately, these features benefit your business and make it possible for you to run a safe, legitimate operation. For one, our mixing tanks are built and inspected in line with the ASME code. Thus, our mixers can handle high-pressure manufacturing processes. We place much attention on the design of our mixers, as well. With no dead corners, you’ll have a much easier time cleaning these mixers, with our without a clean-in-place system. Furthermore, the lack of dead corners prevents hidden buildup that isn’t discovered until it’s too late. Lastly, we polish our equipment to provide you with added corrosion resistance.

Mixing Tank Analysis

Notice how our mixing tanks can create an even churn throughout the tank.

Do You Need Insulation?

When you select the mixers you want for your business, you have the option to select either single-wall or jacketed tanks. Based on your mixing requirements, the heat transfer capability of our jacket insulation may or may not be important to you. In order to make the best decision, consider your mixing process, volume, and the prospective location of your mixers. We can help you make your decision about whether you should purchase insulated or non-insulated mixers. Just give us a call.

Call Cedarstone Industry Today!

Do you already know which mixer you need to create your commercial product? If so, we’re happy to help you select the specific mixer you need for your business. On the other hand, perhaps you aren’t quite sure about your particular business needs. We’d love to help you narrow down your options. We have many options for you to choose from. Let us know what product you need to manufacture and your preferred work style, and we can offer our experienced input. Give us a bit more information about your available space, and we’ll have a few great options for you to choose from. Call us today at (281) 397-3700 to get started. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form to request more information. If you already have a mixer in mind, we can give you a quote. No matter which option you choose, Cedarstone Industry Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks will serve you well for years to come.

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    Very fast service and delivery. Great products. Will buy from them again! 🤘
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