Stainless Steel Oil Storage Tank

A stainless steel oil storage tank is a great way to protect your resources, do you have one? If you are interested in getting into the oil industry, or you are using large quantities of oil in your line of work, we can help! You may need to have a better method to store your compounds, as they are volatile and demand specific care. That’s where Cedarstone Industry comes into play.

In this field, there are only a few effective ways to keep the oil in good condition. In order to retain the highest quality and keep business rolling, you will have to get the proper equipment to make this happen. Fortunately, we have customizable options that are capable of handling all of your oil storing requirements. Our tanks will be secure, well designed, and made for your needs. Let us know if we can help!

Stainless Steel Chemical Storage Tanks

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Let’s Breakdown Our Sizing Options

The size that you need for your stainless steel oil storage tank can vary quite a bit. This is because of the size options that some companies may select and the different needs that they may require a tank for. When it comes to crude oil, the storage is usually in the waiting process for refining. This means there are typically large quantities that you may need to store. We have custom options that can provide that space for this volume. Additionally, whether you are aiming to have a rising roof or a stationary roof, we can make these adjustments as well. The control and security of your oil are imperative. That is why we will spare no efforts when manufacturing your storage tank.

Storage Tanks

Our storage tanks vary a great deal in terms of capacity, orientation, and bottom. We offer cone bottom, round bottom, flat bottom, and tilt bottom tanks. Additionally, we can create horizontal tanks. Most of our tanks come already fitted with a jacket for supreme insulation. However, you can easily get a single-wall option from Cedarstone Industry as well. Our smallest storage tanks are around 20-gallon capacity, with the largest exceeding 100,000 gallons. Learn more about our stainless steel tanks.

Features That Come Standard

We want to showcase the specifications for our storage tanks. Hopefully, you will find exactly what you’re looking for, but if you believe you need a particular modification, contact us! Cedarstone can support your needs and develop the right model!

Insulated and Refrigerated Commercial Stainless Steel Oil Storage Tank

The interior of these tanks will be made of 304/316 stainless steel with a 9 gauge (0.15625“)/4mm thick, food-grade #4 finish that can control temperature transfer to reduce heat losses. The exterior is made of 304 Stainless Steel, with a 14 Gauge that amounts to (0.078125“)/2mm thick. It will have a 2B or a mirror-like finish. The insulation is made of polyurethane. All of our tanks must be a minimum of 3″ thick. Manholes will be available to either place on the side or top with the option to customize this also accessible.

Stainless steel oil storage tank For Sale

To ensure that we don’t waste oil, the double-wall on the chemical tank offers great protection

These tanks will come equipped with sanitary clamp connections for the inlet and outlet ports. We will also be offering features for additional control and security of the system. Especially since crude oil is such a volatile and dangerous substance, we want to ensure that you have the utmost regulations set up. As a result, we have options for jackets and other valves or openings for maintaining an isolated climate within the tank.

Single Wall Commercial Stainless Steel Oil Storage Tank

The single-wall storage tanks will also have the same 304/316 stainless steel shell. This a higher quality metal than the typical carbon steel that other oil tanks may have. Unfortunately, it does not have the insulation added to it but that is an option should you choose it. It has a #4 finish in the inside like the other tank, and also a 2B mirror finish on the outside. This way, you still have effective temperature control methods. Ask our representatives about the additional customization you can apply to these particular tanks.

Important To Keep Controlled Climate

Crude oil is one of the most powerful substances in the human energy chain. It has affected many of the industries all around the world in very influential ways. The preservation of this compound is, therefore, critical to our economies. In order to ensure that your oil is properly secured, there must be additional measures made to make sure that you’re not intentionally helping the degradation process. One of the dangers of heat or moisture — even oxygen — being exposed to the substance at high rates can be detrimental for the substance but also for the surrounding environment and all of the living organisms within the radius. Therefore, our designs are made capable of withstanding this onslaught. The refrigeration options and insulation can help maintain the temperature while the airtight chamber will protect the oil from exposure.

Pressure Vessel Manufacturer

We are happy to design your stainless steel fuel storage tanks!

Make Sure To Store Safely

Unfortunately, some problems arise with the storage of oil. Due to its instability and the volatile nature of the compounds found in it, there can be a lot of issues with storage. For example, oil is constantly emitting very dangerous compounds such as natural gas, sulfur, and methane. The effects of these chemicals can be toxic, even lethal, and overall incredibly bad for business if it is not secured. A raising roof has been known to help with this issue as it rises with the additional gases emitted to ensure that the pressure is not overwhelming the substance.

The oil usually will not be stored for a long period of time, so it is important that there are no leaks or damaged components. It is essential for this concern that we have vetted our products time and time again to make certain they will function when you require them to. These efforts will go a long way to protecting the business, the environment, and the people that are in these areas. Cedarstone Industry is sure to make a positive impact with our storage tanks!

Contact Us Now!

If you are looking to have a stainless steel oil storage tank made for your company, please give us a call! We are constantly making new designs for our clients, and they periodically request new shipments when they expand or need replacements. Whenever you need excellent storage tanks for an affordable price, you can work with our representatives to get exactly what you’re looking for. You can reach us at (281) 397-3700 or visit our website to learn more. From oil to milk, we can ensure that our tanks are up to the task.

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