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Are you in need of stainless steel still? Cedarstone Industry can offer you this and more for your distillery or brewery. We offer all of the necessary equipment for making beer, wine, and other spirits. Your company can find all of the best and top of the line tanks and stills in our shops. What makes this better is the fact that we can offer options for customization as well. This will ensure that your piece will provide all of the right supports and benefits that you require. This high quality will keep you satisfied for a very long time. Throughout this article, we are going to elaborate on the equipment needed for distilling and why we still will be more effective than the other options on the market.

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If you have the right distillation equipment and running water, you can make great spirits.

What Is A Still?

This is a very old and traditional piece of machinery used in making spirits. The exact role it plays is in the separation of alcohol from the water due to the use of hot and cold temperatures. The result is an extraction of the ethanol due to the different boiling points of each substance. The heat will force the ethanol to evaporate while the water remains at the bottom of the still. Then, a cooling system will condense the vapor back into a liquid.

This apparatus is used in the process that occurs after fermentation. During that stage, there are certain sugars, grains, and malts that are added to a concoction that sits for a long time. After this, the mixture has become an alcoholic along with other additional compounds. These different compounds are noted as fractions. They are based on the different boiling points and which will go first or last. For those that have lower boiling points than the ethanol, you will call them heads. Those with higher boiling points are called tails. These are the basis for the taste, aroma and overall look of the spirit.

Without a proper still, you would be unable to effectively extract these different fractions and combine them in a pure and concentrated form. That is the beauty of a still and lends to the reason why it has been used for centuries. When it comes to stainless steel stills, like the one that we offer, you will be getting a few extra benefits.

Features Of A Stainless Steel Still

When you use stainless steel versus other metals or compounds, you will find a few benefits immediately. First, there will be no alteration with the flavor or a heavy effect from the outside environment due to its integrity. The sound makeup of the steel will not allow any sort of rust either. This is beneficial for long periods, but when you are trying to avoid water build-up, it can be an added level of protection for your equipment.

The stainless steel is also very useful when you are trying to clean the unit. The point of it is so dense and rust-resistant means that it will not take on any additional substances and the residue can be easily scrubbed off. This will help when you’re trying to keep production high. When there are issues cleaning, you are wasting time that could otherwise be used making the spirits that run your business.

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stainless steel distillers, traditional pot for boiler and 3 stainless steel pot for reflux column.

We Offer Fermentation Tanks As Well!

The great thing about Cedarstone is that we are making dozens of different styles and multi-functional tanks. As we mentioned earlier, the fermentation is one of the most important aspects before the still. These two pieces when combined can make a quality spirit. Therefore, it’s important to get the proper equipment that will last you a long time. In order to get the most out of your work, using one of our fermentation tanks alongside our stainless steel still will be of great benefit.

This is because our fermentation tanks are going to provide additional help with the flavor of the drink. since there will be no influence from the steel, you can expect a purer taste to arise. One that has not been altered by the container it was in. This is one of the biggest benefits because of how important the flavor is to many consumers. As artful as it is, there is an exact science that has to be followed for the best results.

Getting our fermentation tank means that you can effectively produce the wort that is needed to make the final product. However, given our design, we can offer it as a storage tank as well. After a simple cleaning, you do not have to transfer the liquid to a new container. It can simply return to this tank instead. That will means less work done and therefore resources spent more efficiently.

Custom Design Is An Option

Although these designs may work for you, there are other additives that you can select which may make your tank more effective for the projects you’re involved in. This can regard the different refrigerative options that allow for temperature control but it can also mean the different style tops or bottoms for the particular interactions that involve the liquid entering or exiting. We also have manhole options that will help provide the most open access for cleaning. If you have additional requests that you would like to have built into the tanks, let us know! We would be happy to help make these adjustments.

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We offer 13-gallon boiler stills and many more sizes

Contact Cedarstone Industry Now!

If you’re looking to get a stainless steel still, we can provide you with wonderful options. Our company specializes in making stainless steel tanks that you can use for a number of purposes. We are consistently making improvements and working with clients to create better renditions. This is one of the many ways that Cedarstone is using to grow and expand in quality. We hope that we can provide all of the services that you or your company may need. If you’re looking to get in contact with one of our representatives, you can call (281) 397-3700 or simply visit our website. If you’re looking for the best stainless steel still brewing systems, Cedarstone Industry has your back.

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