Stainless Steel Vessels

Cedarstone Industry provides stainless steel vessels for food, beverages, and more. Regardless of the type of business you’re in, you can trust us to provide the perfect stainless steel solution for storing, mixing, cooking, or brewing your product. Our stainless steel tanks are built to last years and years. In fact, we don’t even offer inferior materials and inefficient tank design options. To maximize your production and efficiency, you need a Cedarstone Industry stainless steel system.

Our company was started in 1992. Since then, we’ve been building and installing superior tanks for businesses and manufacturers across the country. Let us put our experience to work for you. You can optimize your space with our custom-designed stainless steel equipment. If one of our standard options is perfect for you, we’ll make sure that our installation places your new tools in the prime location. Whatever you decide, we’ll make sure that you make the most out of your new equipment.

Stainless Steel Vessels

Custom Brewery Equipment

Types of Stainless Steel Vessels

Cedarstone Industry is a leading providing of stainless steel vessels for commercial use. Our high-quality vessels are sought after in a wide variety of industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and oils. Of course, we made a name for ourselves due to our top-quality materials, design, and customer service. However, the breadth of industries that we are able to cover also serves as a huge benefit to our company. Each type of product needs an individualized type of tank. Fortunately, we offer many different options. What product does your company create? We’re sure to have the perfect vessel for your needs.

Beer and Wine

If you’re in the alcoholic beverage industry, one of the requirements for your business is a custom pressure vessel. Cedarstone Industry has ASME-certified options that can suit your unique needs. Our vessels can be customized in terms of size, bottom shape, electronic features, and more. In it’s simplest form, our fermentation tank is the best place to brew a new batch for beer. Our double-wall insulation and conical bottom tanks can help you to create an identical beer each time around. For the perfectionists in the industry, we add automated features to support this consistency with mathematical backup. Not only will your brews taste the same, but you’ll also be able to see the actual readings to support what your tastebuds already discovered. This makes training much easier and can level out the learning curve for new brewers or more analytical business owners.

For beer, you’ll need a fermentation tank and a Brite tank, at the least. To simplify the selection process, you can purchase a complete brewing system from Cedarstone Industry. Our systems come in 2-vessel, 3-vessel, and 3-vessel forms. Each can take your beer from wort to bottle in record time. Furthermore, our brewing systems make the most efficient space. We eliminate the need for a hot water tank and fit our systems with 2-stage plate heat exchangers. Each system comes with a clean-in-place spray ball for quick and easy cleaning, as well as a wort pump, trub dam, and more. Learn more about our brewing systems here.

Our other beer and wine tanks include our specialized wine tanks, which are made in Italy. We also sell Brite tanks, outdoor fermenters, and more.

Mixing Tanks

You can call on Cedarstone Industry to build a mixing tank that fits your unique business needs. We can adjust agitation settings to create the perfect blend you need for your product. Our mixing tanks also come in a variety of speeds, temperature settings, and more. Additionally, we have multiple optional configuration options. Our mixing tanks are perfect for a range of food products, including seasonings and coffee blends. Some companies have even used our tanks to blend chemicals to create medications. To save space, our mixing tanks double as storage tanks. When you’re ready to package your product, just retrieve it from the mixing tanks. Then, clean the tank with the clean-in-place system and you’ll be on to the next batch! Learn more about our mixing tanks.

Stainless Steel Vessels

Steam Jacket Kettle

Storage Tanks

Our storage tanks are great for materials that don’t need any interference or pressure. Our stainless storage tanks have been used to store oil, dairy, water, and more. Like our other tank styles, our storage tanks are highly customizable. We have horizontal tanks, vertical tanks, various bottom styles, different capacities, and computer displays.

Cooking Tanks

Not every product can go straight to the storage tank. Some foods or medicines need to be cooked. If you need to cook food or drastically change the temperature of a beverage, use our steam cooker cooler or our steam jacket kettle. The steam cooker cooler can heat, keep warm, cool, simmer, brown, blend, and mix all types of perishable products. On the other hand, the steam jacket kettle is designed to offer superior mixing capability while simultaneously heating or cooling your product. The kettle offers the fastest cooking time with its insulated jacket and great heat transfer properties. Both of these options meet ASME code and can help you with the timely delivery of your food product.

Stainless Steel Vessels

Round Bottom, Cone Bottom, Tilt Bottom, and Slope Bottom Stainless Steel Tanks

Why Use Our Tanks

We offer the best quality custom stainless steel tanks in the country. In addition to providing certified-by-ASME pressure vessels, our materials are durable and reliable. 304 and 316L stainless are the best two options when it comes to storing, brewing, and mixing consumable products. In fact, these tanks can even withstand chemicals! Don’t settle for inferior metals that won’t last or stand up to the temperature or pressure demands of your product.

A custom tank is likely to be the best option for your business. You and your employers are unique individuals with unique needs. We can adjust tanks to fit any heights and abilities. Computerize your process as much or as little as you want. Whichever specifications you choose, you can be sure your tanks will be the best for your business.

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    I've ordered stainless cuts from different companies but these are by far some of the most smoothest and precise cuts I've ever gotten for a great price … read more too and it was from from this company. Im building a custom exhaust and so far their product is worth every penny. Thanks Cedarstone really I mean that 100%
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    Very fast service and delivery. Great products. Will buy from them again! 🤘
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    Use cedarstone for sanitary weld elbows for high quality custom exhuast systems they are fantastic pieces and well priced. Haven't had any issues yet. Quick … read more processing and shipping