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Cedarstone Industry is one of the top Stainless Tank Manufacturers in the world. Our stainless steel tanks have housed food, beverages, and chemicals for many companies, big and small. From microbreweries to blue-chip companies, Cedarstone provides an individualized tank system for each client. We can accommodate practically any business or industry. Our high-quality stainless steel tanks are ideal for storing, mixing, cooking, fermenting, and dispensing a range of products.

Which products you need depends on the type of product you intend to place in our tanks. For example, a brewer might prefer our cone bottom fermentation tanks. On the other hand, a pasta maker might need our steam cooker cooler. Regardless of what you manufacturer, we have the tank and tools to ensure that you deliver a quality product every time.

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Stainless Mixing Tank

About Our Stainless Steel Tanks

We take pride in every tank that we engineer and manufacture. Cedarstone Industry tanks come with many benefits. No matter which tanks you purchase from us, you will get high-quality products. Other stainless steel tank manufacturers may cut corners or dance around the fact that their tanks don’t meet certification standards. On the other hand, we proudly display our NNBI and ASME certifications right here on our website!

We supply tanks, and we also install them. You don’t have to risk damaging your investment because you don’t need to call an outside contractor to perform the installation. We’re familiar with our products. We should be the ones who install them and show you how to use them to the best of their ability. Furthermore, our experience with installation has a hidden bonus benefit: we also know the ideal place to set your new equipment. Outside contractors can place your tanks wherever you direct them to. However, we can give you an idea of the optimal tank placement for maximum productivity. We can make sure that your brewers can quickly and safely navigate through the area.

The Best Stainless Tank Manufacturers

As your business grows, so might your business needs. Fortunately, Cedarstone Industry has solutions for more than one industry. If you expand and develop other beverages or products, we can fit your space with new, custom tanks. The type of tank you need depends on the type of product you are manufacturing. We provide tanks for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as dry foods, cooked foods, medicine and pharmaceuticals, and even oil. Contact us to learn more about our other stainless steel tanks, mixers, and more.

The only thing that we don’t alternate between is the type of high-quality steel we offer. All of our tanks are premium, durable stainless steel. Our stainless steel tanks are perfect for your food or beverage. You have the option between 304 and 316L stainless steel. These are the two best options when it comes to stainless steel tanks and vessels. We don’t mix steel and aluminum or provide carbon steel tanks. Our tanks are pure, sanitary stainless steel that is safe to store both food and chemicals. Furthermore, our tanks meet industry standards. Our ASME-certified pressure tanks can help you brew the perfect beer.

Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

From water to fuel, our storage tanks can keep your products secure and safe from the elements. While our single wall tanks may suit your purposes, consider our jacket tanks for added insulation that prevents heat transfer.

Mixing Tanks

Our mixing tanks are great for products that need to be combined and distributed evenly. These tanks also double as storage tanks, so you don’t need two separate areas for processing and storage of your products.

Fermentation Tanks

You need a pressure vessel if you want to ferment wort or grapes for your alcoholic beverage production. Fermentation tanks differ from our storage tanks because they come with fittings designed to ensure that you can retrieve yeast.

Steam Cooker Cooler and Steam Jacket Kettle

If you’re in the food processing industry, you might need more than a storage tank. You need a tank that can quickly change and regulate temperature, to ensure even cooking.

Different Sizes and Shapes

No matter which type of tank you need, many of our options come in different capacities and appearances. For example, we provide both vertical and horizontal tanks. You can install whichever makes the best use of the space you have available.

High-Quality Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel

Stainless Mixing and Storage Tank Manufacturing

Other Cedarstone Stainless Tank Manufacturers Services

Fortunately, Cedarstone Industry offers more than empty tanks. We also offer brewery equipment for business owners who need highly personalized advice and assistance. While we can help you make a decision about which tank to purchase at no additional cost to you, we’re also available to provide more extensive services. For example, we can plan the layout of your brewery and even assist you with the hiring and training process. We know the business and have a quarter of a century’s worth of experience providing high-quality brewing solutions to beverage companies across the country. Until you gain experience, let our experience benefit you. You can learn more about our brewery consulting online.

Even if you don’t need out full consulting service, you’ll benefit from our great customer service. We make ourselves available to you, to assist with any hiccups in your process. Call us if you have any questions or concerns about your tanks. We can help you find a quick solution.

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If you’re on the search for stainless tank manufacturers, we’re glad you found Cedarstone Industry. Our products are second-to-none in quality and versatility. We would love to help you install one of our great stainless steel tanks in your indoor or outdoor manufacturing area. If none of our pre-existing options suit you best, we’ll custom-make a tank or system to suit your individual requirements. Then, we’ll show you how to use it so that you get the most out of all of the available features. Call us today at (281) 397-3700or use our online form to get started.

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  • Avatar LightKemist ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    I've ordered stainless cuts from different companies but these are by far some of the most smoothest and precise cuts I've ever gotten for a great price … read more too and it was from from this company. Im building a custom exhaust and so far their product is worth every penny. Thanks Cedarstone really I mean that 100%
  • Avatar Mike Hodgson ★★★★★ a month ago
    Very fast service and delivery. Great products. Will buy from them again! 🤘
  • Avatar According to Hoyle ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Use cedarstone for sanitary weld elbows for high quality custom exhuast systems they are fantastic pieces and well priced. Haven't had any issues yet. Quick … read more processing and shipping