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Are you looking to get a wine fermentation tank for your company? We offer commercial-grade tanks for wine fermentation at Cedarstone Industry. These will be the perfect options for your project, our products are manufactured to the highest standards, and we maintain these standards with even better customer care. As you will find out, our products are not used by Coca Cola, Heineken, and many others for no reason. There is a complex science behind each concept that we derive and you will find that the results reflect this.

We want to ensure that you will get the most access to your wine by dealing with a storage tank from Cedarstone. First and foremost, they are made of stainless steel, which is a huge benefit. Of course, if you are not fully certain on what stainless steel can over versus other options, let us elaborate in the following article. Our goal is to keep our clients aware of the different choices available to them, so they understand the level of quality that we offer.

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What Makes Our Wine Fermentation Tanks So Good?

Before we discuss the effects that a stainless steel wine tank has on the wine itself, we will describe the makeup of our tanks. This is intended to showcase the level of control that users will have throughout their wine-making process when they use our tanks. You will find that each of these tanks is made with a very open and accessible design, which is to ensure that they are easy to clean after usage. A glance above will point out the exhaust valves that moderate the residue and buildup from the fermentation process. It is another benefit that will keep the process secure and isolated.

Of course, our wine fermentation tank also has unique finishes on the inside and outside of the tank. This means that the heat transfer from inside to outside will differ and be more resistant to heat or cold. We also have the option for a temperature jacket to control the exact degree of temperature that you prefer for your wine. It will be very useful when you’re in areas that do not have a natural temperature that you can depend on. This means that you will have more versatility in the location as well. More control means less dependency on other elements to go right.

All of our products are made with 304 stainless steel and provide construction upgrades if you so choose it. We also offer the potential to add more sample valves and gauges for precise measurements of the wine and its composites. As you can see, our wine fermentation tanks are going to provide you with a far more sophisticated level of capabilities. If you are interested in learning more about our custom options, please contact us now!

Protecting The Flavor Of The Wine

When making wine, there are a lot of different elements that winemakers can add to alter the flavor. Sometimes they will put different fruits or place them in wooden barrels to get a unique taste. However, not all winemakers prefer this route. The grape has a prestigious reputation for flavor and is highly respected. Therefore, many vineyards attempt to get as pure of a flavor as possible to show off the quality of their grapes.

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In the event of this, a wooden barrel or even a tank made of concrete will not suffice. They often leave traces of different flavors. So the only way to get a pure grape flavor is to use a stainless steel wine fermentation tank to ferment and store your wine. The wine will not be absorbed into the metal. Thus, it will not receive any influences from the tank or the outside world.

Preventing Mold Growth

When you opt to use a barrel, it comes with benefits but also risks. Unlike the stainless steel tank, there are steady exposure rates to oxygen and humidity within the barrel. The contents inside will be adversely affected by the different influences and could potentially suffer for it. If for instance, the barrels are too high in moisture levels, they will eventually start to grow mold. This could be detrimental to the winemaking process and cause them to trash the batch and even shut down. Mold growth can ruin a company’s reputation.

A Wine Fermentation Tank Is Easy To Clean

The biggest benefit of this tank is its ability to be cleaned thoroughly. Other options may have more levels to the cleaning process that wastes time, money, and potentially alter taste. With stainless steel tanks, however, the cleaning is purely surface-based as we mentioned. You will not have to get into the cracks and crevices of cement or wood. It will be far easier to detect traces of previous batches or scrub off the residue from the fermentation process.

Stainless Steel Vertical Tanks

Check out the conical bottom on our tanks! Also, ask us about our variable capacity options.

As a result, the tank can last far longer than competitors and even support other users. Some clients have sold their tanks after years and years of use. Now, they are providing great results for other users as well. A tank is not only a necessity for winemaking, but it can be an investment, too!

Contact Cedarstone Now!

If you are interested in getting our wine fermentation tank, don’t hesitate to contact us now! We are turn-key operation meaning that we will be happy to come to your location and help install your new tank. It makes us proud to help people do what they love. It also makes us happy to provide high-quality products as well. Providing our clients with the best of both worlds is a great achievement, indeed.

To get your estimate or begin your order, you can reach us through our number (281) 397-3700 or visit our website to learn more. We hope to help you with your next venture. Let us know if there are any custom options that you would like for your next tank. Cedarstone Industry is always looking forward to working with new clients! Whether it’s wine or oil, we have the right stainless steel tanks for the job.

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