Wine Fermentation Tanks

Do you need wine fermentation tanks for your vineyard or wine distillery? The process for winemaking is a beautiful trade that is just as much of an art as it is a science. However, when you need to depend on your equipment, it is an absolute necessity that it is reliable. This is due to the many variables that can cause the wine to go bad or destroy its flavor. In order to prevent these sorts of dangers, getting a fermentation tank that you can trust is a great start.

Fermentation Tanks For Wine

Fortunately, Cedarstone Industry has exactly what you’re looking for. Our stainless steel tanks are used throughout the country with some of the most popular brands and breweries. We have provided tanks for fermentation or storage to companies such as Coca Cola and Heineken. If you are interested in getting the perfect tank for your operation, contact us for a custom-built tank to fit your needs!

Benefits Of Stainless Steel Tanks

When making wine, one of the most important aspects to focus on is the flavor. There are thousands of wines throughout every part of the world. They all have unique flavors and characteristics that set them apart. In some cases, those aromas and tastes will be a result of the grape or by the process that was used to ferment and distill the wine.

Types Of Wine Fermentation Tanks:

  • Concrete
  • Wooden
  • Stainless Steel

There are certain factors that need to be accounted for regardless of the tank used. These regard the number of chemical interactions that the wine is subject to. That can range from the percentage of humidity that is present to the amount of oxygen that is exposed to the concoction. In order to better understand how the stainless steel tanks will perform, we compared them with the leading materials in today’s market.

Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

Italian Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

Preservation Of Flavor

Although certain winemakers prefer the alteration of flavor from tanks made of cement or wood, there is an unmistakable desire to maintain the original flavor of the wine. The same can be said about cement, too. It is notorious for leaving traces of mineral flavors in the wine. In some cases, winemakers would prefer not to disturb the contents or the flavor at all. This is one of the biggest benefits that you could gain from a stainless steel tank. It can provide you with very controlled access to your wine and will not distort the natural flavors that the fruit produces.

No Spoilage

When it comes to using stainless steel tanks, you will find that your wine is in far safer hands. While there are certain benefits to using wooden containers over the other options, it is more susceptible to exposure to humidity and therefore has an increased potential for the growth of mold. However, when you have a stainless steel tank, the ability to control the exposure of chemicals and interactions with the outside world allows it to be isolated and protected from unwanted bacterial or fungal growths. This can be a huge benefit as a single sighting of mold can cause a shutdown and result in spoilage.

Simple To Clean And Long Lasting

Another great feature of stainless steel tanks is their simplicity. They have a very streamlined design that allows for ease of access and unique storage. The material itself is the key to the design, though. Since you will not have any absorption rates, staining or residual buildup within the composite matrix, it is all surface cleaning. This means that a smooth wash from top to bottom can keep this tank looking in mint condition years after you purchase it. That is another aspect to consider as well, while wood or concrete may be cheaper, they are harder to preserve, less customizable and last much shorter than steel.

Our Wine Fermentation Tanks Are Usable For Storage, Too

Unlike the other options, you can actually use our stainless steel fermentation tanks for storage of the wine once it has been fermented. This offers a versatility that other competitive materials cannot match. Furthermore, the benefit of keeping the wine in a single closed system isolates it from the outside atmosphere. Thus, the taste and intensity of the wine are kept superbly. You will certainly notice a difference from the other options, that we can be of certain.

Customizable & Re-sellable

If you have decided that stainless steel might be the tank for you, there is more than we can offer. While we have a set product line, there are custom build options. You can select different accessories for the most optimized control of your winemaking. This can refer to the correct temperature control and the potential to access certain chemical computations. Whether you are reading the pressure gauge or giving it a taste through the sample valve, these options can be made available to you through Cedarstone.

Our tanks have expert design elements that can protect from environmental influences. They provide precise control for your fermentation and storage. The key to our success is in the awareness of what our clients need. The more expansive capabilities that our units provide, the better quality wine our clients can produce. This is a pinnacle factor when we design our tanks. These features also ensure that it can be resold with high value, as well. Since it will remain in a great state for a long period of time, the customizable options make it even more appealing to the used markets.

Stainless Storage Tanks

Wine Fermenters

Contact Cedarstone For Your Tank Now!

We are proud to offer some of the best wine fermentation tanks in the country. They are highly accessible and very reliable for any of the winemaking projects that you plan on pursuing. Our equipment is all commercial grade so you can utilize it at any scale of your company and see the results working for you. If you would like to select the tank for your venture, or you need to request a custom build, you can contact our customer service to get connected to the right representative. Our number is (281) 397-3700, but you can visit our website as well. We hope to hear from you soon!

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