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Are you in the market for wine storage tanks? There are plenty of different options that are available for you to choose from. This regards the different materials and accessories that you apply. Fortunately, Cedarstone Industry can provide the best tanks for your wine storage. We have made this article to help clients fully understand the different types of materials you can use, and how they differ from each other. Our company particularly deals with only stainless steel tanks as they provide far more benefits than the competitors. If you would like to know more about our storage tanks, we have elaborated on them below. Otherwise, feel free to contact us to begin your search or simply request the custom design that would work for you.

Stainless Steel Wine Storage Tanks

In order to understand how our products stand out from the other options on the market, you’ll have to know how we build these tanks. They come with a few very critical components that can make the winemaking process far more streamlined with the potential for even better-tasting wine. We want our clients to appreciate the full spectrum of their wine with no complications arising from the actual equipment used to make it. This is a priority that we dedicate ourselves to when designing the stainless steel storage tanks for wine in particular.

Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

First and foremost, our tanks are made entirely of 304 steel, which is far more reliable and sanitary than other forms of steel like carbon-based. Additionally, all of our tanks will have unique finishes on the inside and outside of the tank to perform better heat transfers. This is critical when attempting to maintain a very strict temperature control regiment. We have top vents for natural exhaust and residue of the fermentation.

There are also very open corners so that the tank can be thoroughly cleaned with ease. You will find that this initial set of features can provide unparalleled support for your winemaking. However, we also have optional custom options that you can apply. They will offer you another level of interaction with your wine and a more in-depth perspective of the process as a whole. We adjust your tank to come with construction upgrades, certain valves for sampling, and also a temperature jacket that can control the temperature with a high degree of precision.

Preserving Taste

One of the most important factors to winemaking is the adaptable flavors and ability to alter the taste and body of the wine. With the number of different influences that the berries receive, there is already a lot of diversity in the flavor of the fruit. However, some winemakers will use their equipment to continue to make changes in the flavor. This can be seen when winemakers use barrels made of wood or stills made of concrete. The wood, usually oak, will offer many new flavors that will totally change the aroma and taste of the wine.

The same can be said for concrete, which has been known to add a notable mineral flavor to the palette. However, this is not always the preference among vineyards. There is a distinct prestige that the best grapes in the world receive. Many winemakers, in fact, will opt to use stainless steel tanks to preserve the flavor of the wine as the steel will not absorb or interact with the taste in any way. This means that the flavor of the grapes will be one of the sole influences when the flavor is considered. This can be a huge benefit to winemakers who would rather taste the fruits of their labor rather than the tanks it was stored in.

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Stainless Steel Commercial Wine Storage Tanks

Preventing Spoilage

Another benefit that stainless steel tanks offer over their competitive materials is their immunity to mold or humidity exposure. Since you have a very controlled setting with little to no interaction with the outside world, as well as temperature control tools at your service, you can monitor and regulate the contents in the tank.

In some cases with barrels, the inability to decide how much humidity is specifically in the barrel or the temperature that it experiences will potentially cause problems. For example, if there is too much build up in humidity, a growth of fungus may occur. This ruins the batch of wine. In fact, it can be a huge problem for the distillery as a whole. The reputation of having wine in moldy barrels can cripple a company. Make sure to avoid this by using a stainless steel tank.

Easy Cleaning Access

As we mentioned before, our stainless steel tanks are designed to have the most open build. They have a very open radius that can allow for direct cleaning and scrubbing that will keep it in great condition. Given that there is no absorption in the steel, you will only have to deal with surface cleaning. This ensures that the tank stays effective and in use for a long time. When the other barrels or tanks will diminish in quality due to sanitation, the stainless steel tank will surge ahead.

Wine Storage Tanks From Italy

Yes, our storage tanks are made in Italy!

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Cedarstone Industry is going to be your home for the best stainless steel wine storage tanks in the country. We have worked with countless big names such as Coca Cola and Heineken. They only work with us because we provide the results that can support a company of that stature. For high-quality demands, then Cedarstone is the company to help you do it. To reach our representatives, you can contact us through our number (281) 397-3700  or visit our website to get an estimate. We can’t wait to provide you with the equipment you need to run a successful winery and business. We hope to supply you with the best tanks for your winemaking! Whether you are storing or fermenting wine, make sure you get the best tank for it. Make sure you get Cedarstone Industry.

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