Supercritical CO2 Extraction

supercritical co2 extraction

supercritical co2 extraction

Are you searching for a supercritical co2 extraction? Then you need to check out Cedarstone Industry because they have the best ethanol extraction equipment for your project. This industry is located in Houston, TX, and is focused on supplying you with a high-quality machine. They have supplied machines for Coca-Cola, Heineken, Bluebell, and more big-name companies.

Whether you have a big company or a small one, they would love to help you with your projects. Some of these projects can be creating CBD oil, essential oils, or brewing beer, whatever your project requires they have the machines to help. They also not only provide the machine but will also service the machine. Although they are in Houston, their services extend worldwide. So, don’t hesitate to call if you are in need of extraction equipment Cedarstone has something better than a supercritical co2 extraction machine. Let’s look at how CO2 and ethanol differ.

What Is Supercritical CO2 Extraction Used For?

This method is also called supercritical fluid extraction (SFE). This is used for cosmetology, pharmacology among other industries. It affects our lives more than we realize. One of the industries that benefit from the CO2 extraction process is essential oil companies. Essential oils are important for more than the new oil crazy. They are a primary product in perfumes and cosmetics too. They also are in the spices we use. So whether we like it or not, essential oils are a part of our everyday life.

CBD is another large industry that is continuously growing with the legalization of marijuana. It has been shown that marijuana has medicinal properties that can be used for more than recreational purposes. However, those properties have to be extracted from the plant and purified. This is why they use CO2 extraction.

The process is also used to create clean cannabinoids such as CBD. The goal of extraction is to separate the toxic compounds from the desired oils. That way, it is safe for consumption. This process makes the plant extract microbiologically sterile while also preserving the natural ingredients. This is the only method that can guarantee the complete removal of toxins and heavy metals.

While the plant material may seem harmless on the surface, it has pulled toxins out of the soil making its properties impure and dangerous to consume. So, to ensure the safety of the product for consumers, an extraction system is necessary.

supercritical co2 extraction

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How Does Supercritical CO2 Extraction Work?

This extraction method uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull the desired compounds from the plant materials. With supercritical CO2 extraction, it brings the temperature and pressures up to a critical point. This causes the CO2 to exude the properties of both a gas and a liquid. Once it hits this point, it is in a supercritical state and becomes a supercritical fluid. This fluid can dissolve porous materials allowing for the capture of the active compounds.

While this process takes longer and produces smaller amounts, it is the most desirable out of other extraction processes. One of the biggest industries for it is the cannabis industry. This process allows manufacturers to create full-spectrum cannabis products. These high pressures and temperatures are able to extract molecules like chlorophyll, omega 3 and 6 lipids, and waxes. Then it will go through a process named winterization where it will leave behind just the cannabinoid oil.

What About Subcritical CO2 Extraction?

This is a similar process. However, it requires a lower temperature and pressure. This process is longer, less efficient, and produces smaller amounts. Although it may seem not as good as the other, it is great for maintaining the fragile constituents like terpenes, essential oils, and other sensitive chemicals.

Because of the temperature and pressure difference in these two methods, the results can differ. These results yield very different cannabis products that can be great for different things. While supercritical systems create a peanut butter consistency, subcritical leaves behind a substance that resembles molasses in consistency, this molasses consistency preserves additional cannabinoids other than CBD.

So, which is best? The answer is, it depends on what you want to do with it. If you want more of the plant, then subcritical is best. However, if you only want a specific part of the plant, then supercritical is the way to go. It will also depend on the type of terpenes you want to use. Supercritical can be too harsh for some of these terpenes.

What is Ethanol? And How is it Better?

Ethanol extraction is also known as grain alcohol and ethyl alcohol. It is a colorless and volatile flammable liquid that is effective and efficient. Ethanol is also safe for human consumption, according to the FDA. This solvent is in the production of food preservatives, as well as in the production of beer and wine.

The pluses of this method are that they are safer than butane and more effective than supercritical CO2. There are also more lenient storage limits, meaning fewer requirements. So, this solvent yields larger extract volumes than CO2 while also having fewer restrictions.

You also won’t miss out on being able to create full-spectrum cannabis products. Just like CO2, ethanol is a great solvent for creating full-spectrum hemp extracts and products.

Another bonus that ethanol has is that is is a renewable resource since it is made from corn. It is also a class 3 solvent with low toxic risks and leaves little to no residual solvent behind.

supercritical co2 extraction

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What Are Some of The Benefits of The Supercritical Method?

There are many benefits to this method. Whether that is a cleaner resource that is provided or a greener solution to the extraction method. These are some of the benefits of this method that are good to think about:

  • makes sure that the collected components have not degenerated
  • The use of non-toxic solvents which produces products that are chemically pure
  • this process prevents oxidation because it runs without air
  • produces little to no waste
  • high selectivity of the process
  • the potential of recirculation of the solvent which reduces costs
  • fractionation of the collected substance as the process develops
  • possibility to regulate the solubility of individual components in an effective manner

Another advantage of using a supercritical method is that the extraction rate can be as high as 95 percent when processing vegetable oil. With other mechanical pressing or traditional methods, their productivity is about only 60 to 80 percent.

When it comes to different solvents, CO2 is the safer, cheaper, and greener solvent. It is considered greener because it doesn’t give off the same emissions as fossil fuels. Using CO2 also creates a product that is more consistent and palatable.

The Cost of These Machines

Because of the accuracy and quality of ethanol extraction equipment, these machines can cost thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars. Even though they can be costly, they compare well to other solvent-based approaches when it comes to safety and special facilities that are legally required. This equipment requires a high amount of training and isn’t something that is worth cutting corners on. With the ethanol solvent, you are probably getting one of the best methods for the production of your product.

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To get your extraction system contact Cedarstone Industry today at (281) 397-3700. Or you can check out there about us and products and services to learn more. Choose ethanol when shopping for extraction equipment rather than a supercritical co2 extraction machine.

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