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What is Supercritical Extraction?

Also known as SFE, it is the process of separating components, usually oils from plant matter through the use of supercritical fluids. Many use this process for either collecting desired material or stripping unwanted material from a product.

While CO2 is the most commonly used solvent for supercritical extraction, you may need to use ethanol or methanol with it. There are many advantages to the supercritical method. It is highly selective and will produce a substantial amount of product within a short time, as compared to subcritical methods.

Supercritical fluid properties can be altered by adjusting the temperature and pressure, which produces selective extraction. The speed comes from the diffusion in the solvent. The diffusion in supercritical fluids happens faster than in liquids, which allows it to produce products quicker. With supercritical extraction, the solvent is better able to penetrate the matrix, which can be inaccessible to other liquids.

The one drawback of SFE is that it is more expensive than other forms of liquid extractions. This is because of the high pressures and temperatures that are necessary for the supercritical extraction process. These pressures and temperatures require significant advantages. This extraction process also can require you pair CO2 with ethanol or another solvent. This process will require expensive supercritical extraction machines and ample training to be able to use.

Ethanol Extraction

When it comes to ethanol extraction, alcohol is used as the solvent. Ethanol is a safe solvent that has little risk of toxicity. It is considered one of the safest solvents in consumer goods. Most other commercial extractions have to go through lab testing to make sure there aren’t any unsafe levels of residual solvent. Since ethanol evaporates easily, it isn’t a problem for human health.

This solvent is highly efficient because alcohol is polar in nature. Their polarity allows them to bond with water and fat-soluble compounds. If you are looking for a full spectrum extract, then this is the best solvent to use. However, it isn’t quite as selective with what it pulls away from the material. This can cause at-home extractions to have a darker color and a more bitter taste. However, with the right machine, this can help purify your extraction, making it a more desirable color and taste.

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CO2 Extraction

When used with the right temperature and pressure conditions, then CO2 can be used in an extraction process. This solvent is one of the safest and also has little risk of toxicity. They can create extractions that have a dark or light amber color with a honey consistency.

However, CO2 is highly selective, which means that it won’t extract as much of the beneficial phytochemicals in plant material. Some of the phytochemicals will get left behind in this process. This is why many will mix CO2 with ethanol to ensure that these phytochemicals aren’t lost.

CO2 is known to change the chemical composition of plant matter drastically. A study published in Plant Medica in early 2018 showed that CO2 extracts lost many of the molecules responsible for flavor and aroma.

The Benefits of Ethanol

There are many benefits to choosing ethanol over other solvents. It is safe for human consumption, is natural, and allows for the extraction of a full spectrum product. Here are some of the benefits of ethanol extraction:

  • More lenient storage limits
  • If done well, the extraction can eliminate the need for winterization and dewax
  • Great for creating full spectrum tinctures and extracts
  • More cost-effective than CO2
  • Easy to recover from a tincture

Another benefit is that as extraction methods become more popular, regulations will come into play. Ethanol extraction is a method that will likely benefit from federal regulations. At this time, extraction shops struggle to regain excise taxes from the government. Although, when federal regulations come into play, the extraction shops will have an easier time justifying tax refunds. Through this, the cost of ethanol could likely drop significantly. This is just another reason you should choose the ethanol extraction machine instead of a supercritical extraction machine.

The Best supercritical extraction machines and Extraction machines

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