THC Extraction

Are you looking for equipment that can give you pure THC extraction? If this is you, you need to call Cedarstone Industry. For several purposes, we provide superior extraction equipment. Our content is ideal for extracting essential oils, cannabis oil, and other things. Cedarstone Industry machinery is appealing to many industries for this reason.

Our tanks are also ideal for safe storage. Everything from dry food, CBD oil, water, and natural gas can be stored inside. We confess that we’re new to the industry in terms of cannabis. However, many different industries can benefit from the power and versatility of our goods. With over 20 years of experience, you should let us work for you.

Our products utilize heat and pressure, carbon dioxide, and more to produce the purest, most high-quality oils on the market. If you are a medical marijuana patient, our oils that come from our machines could be an excellent substitute for medical cannabis.

THC Extraction

Cedarstone Industry is here to provide the best processing machines for your company.

Our THC Extraction Machines

Whether you’re aiming for the extraction of pure plant matter, or cannabis plant, the equipment behind the extraction process is everything. There are several benefits to our cannabis extraction systems. Don’t settle for one amazing advanced setting or a cheaper price point. You will find extraction equipment from Cedarstone Industry that checks all the boxes.

If you are unsure what these boxes should be, let us give you a detailed overview of our products. Most likely, you will need features and requirements that you haven’t even heard about before. Fortunately, Cedarstone Industry will get you anything you need. You will learn a little more about our business before we get to the specifics about our extraction systems. We provide equipment for a broad range of purposes as already stated.

We needed to be versatile in order to satisfy the demands of so many different types of businesses. For us, however, versatility means no reduction or loss of efficiency. We can then mold the majority of our products to suit the needs of our customers. For instance, the size of our tank varies from 50 to 1,000 gallons, all according to our customers ‘ needs. In other words, you have full say as to what you need. Give us a call to learn more about customizing your machine.

How We Carry Out the Extraction Method

Whether you are dealing with cannabis concentrates, plant material, water extraction, or something else, a sealed and high-pressure tank is probably your best bet. Our vacuum ovens are also a popular choice for extractions. We highly recommend ethanol extraction if you are to extract THC, CBD or any other cannabinoid or terpenes.

You may use various extraction methods, such as supercritical CO2 extraction. Most CO2 extraction devices, however, are expensive. This cost does not actually justify the marginally higher yield. The butane extraction is on the other side of the equation. The result is not so nice, so we do not recommend this form. The final product is vulnerable to any pollution, which makes it useless for medicinal purposes. If you don’t harvest THC oils, why not buy a device that can be used for your own means?

The highest value for money and yield is the extraction of ethanol (alcohol). However, there are other inherent risks to this approach. Ethanol is extremely inflammable. To mitigate some of the risk, we develop our systems for you to use. You have to be extremely alert, however. Otherwise, the extraction of ethanol is typically very effective. We use Ethanol to extract the plant’s cannabinoids. Then, with great care, ethanol is disposed of to leave you with the oil.

The extractor you use decides how you remove the ethanol. As you can see below, the oils are extracted a little differently by every tool. Below are some of the extraction devices we sell.

THC Extraction

Our Ethanol Centrifuge machine.

Centrifuge Extractor

We are pleased to sell our clients machines and equipment for batch centrifugal extraction. Our centrifuge machines are suitable for the extraction of low-temperature ethanol. In addition, these machines can be easily managed, controlled and configured to customer requirements. We offer centrifuges that are especially good for safe, quick operation.

Molecular Distillation System

In addition, we can produce molecular distillation solutions in stainless steel, which are both cost-effective and highly efficient, depending on a customer’s production needs. A wide range of high-performance components are also provided to us, including outlet modules, secure inlet, and magnetic screens, which help avoid secondary contamination during the distillation process.

Also, visual glass and molecular pumps are excellent for stable high-visibility vacuum conditions. Here are some of the features that our molecular distillation systems have to offer:

  • The modular designs have versatile choices
  • Continuous feeding and selection configuration in modules, saving time and energy
  • A full jacketed style, specific applications for different materials
  • 316 safe and durable materials
  • Quick-connects glass and design that can be easily cleaned and disassembled

Crystallization Reactors

We make sure the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code complies with our crystallization reactors. Also, our reactor tanks also come with chilled glycol water, which cools the jacket and reactor down. The shell, the layout of the agitator and the shape of the outlets are important.

The primary application of crystallization reactors is the large-scale achievement of highly pure CBD without the need for specialized equipment. This method is perfect for the dissolution of a transparent CBD oil, wintered and distilled in heptane or pentane, which has been almost boiling and which allows crystally produced CBD to cool down. Please contact us as soon as you want to know more about our crystallization reactors.

Chromatography Equipment

High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) involves chromatography techniques. This method is a tool of high resolution, which is useful for the isolation of small molecules, biomolecules, and peptides. The system is excellent as it efficiently isolates compounds through a ren-packed column of chromatography with eluting cannabis oil, which makes it suitable for the production of CBD isolates.

THC Extraction

Crystallization Reactor.

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Let us also know whether you need your specifications-equipment. We can manufacture tanks of all capacities and supply most machines with digital electronic components. Customer care is an area in which we excellently focus on cannabis extract. Find difficult THC extraction and other botanical material extraction a thing of the past.

We look forward to developing your custom extraction tools! Make sure you get more information about our extraction equipment. Call us at (281) 397-3700 or email us online for information on either of our extracting devices.

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