Tips for Extraction Equipment Cleaning

Posted on September 22, 2020 by Paige Pesko

Any industry that uses large-scale equipment knows that proper equipment cleaning and maintenance is crucial to producing safe, quality products. This is especially true for industries that make products for consumption, such as CBD. In the interest of ensuring CBD industries are well equipped to produce the best products possible, we have compiled these tips for extraction equipment cleaning.

Determine a Cleaning Schedule

As with any machinery, maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule is key to ensuring residue does not build up and impact the product’s quality. However, how often you should clean a machine will largely depend on the machine itself. Naturally, machines that are used more and produce a greater volume of CBD will need to be cleaned more often. You will also need to clean machines that work with products with a higher concentration of CBD more often than others.

Facilities should regularly inspect their machines to see how quickly residue builds up, as this will help them determine a schedule for extraction equipment cleaning. The machine owner’s manual should also offer insight into how often you should clean a machine.

Choose the Best Cleaning Method

If industrial hemp is exposed to a substance, that substance will make its way into a facility’s extraction equipment every time you use the machine. This can include metals, pesticides, and mycotoxins. Selecting the best method for removing these materials is crucial for maintaining your hemp processing equipment and preventing cross-contamination. The owner’s manual should also offer insight into the best cleaning methods for each individual machine.

Often, you may find that your equipment needs a combination of cleaning methods. For instance, smaller items such as metal injectors and electrodes may require water and ultrasound technology, while tanks and pipes may need to rely on Clean in Place or CIP technology.

Choose Equipment That Is Easy To Clean

Not all hemp processing equipment is made the same. Some equipment is built in such a way that makes dust and contaminants less likely to accumulate. Finding equipment with features such as jacketed cables and enclosed conveying systems will help prevent contamination buildup inside the machine and on the exterior. Choosing equipment with materials that are easy to clean, such as stainless steel, will make keeping your hemp oil processing equipment free of toxins a simple process.